How to use Mina iBrow Henna?

Every Box of Mina Ibrow Henna comes with henna for eyebrow kit that is easy to make and user-friendly to apply.

Directions For Usage:

For Professional Purposes Only*

Eye brow henna tint

Make a paste by mixing 1sachet of the powder along with water in the mixing cup provided in the box.

Apply the paste on the hair from roots to top carefully with the applicator brush given in the box.

henna eyebrow dye
henna eyebrow tint

Leave it on for 10-15 mins and then rinse your eyebrows thoroughly with water.

Your Beautiful, Thick, Colored Eyebrows Are Now Ready.

henna for eyebrow tinting

Step 1
Thin, Untrimmed Eyebrows

use menna ibrow henna
how to use ibrow henna

Step 2
Draw Lines to delimit the contours

Step 3
Color Your Eyebrows with the provided kit

use meena henna
eye brow henna meena

Step 4
Your beautiful, dark, thick eyebrows are ready