Henna: Your Guide To Divine, Gorgeous, Stunning Eyebrows

Henna has always been a common term when it comes to coloring issues. But did you know the origins and uses of this unique plant species? Well, it’s time to educate yourself about some amazing facts regarding Henna.

Henna shares its botanical name Lawsonia Inermis and is a kind of flowering plant which derived its English nomenclature from the Arabic term “Henna”.

The usage of Henna has been quite ancient beginning from the countries South Asia, Arabian Peninsula, several parts of South East Asia, Carthage, North Africa as well as Horn of Africa. Gradually it has been acknowledged as a common natural herb across the globe.

Introduce Yourself To The Magical Benefits of Henna Today

The usage of Henna is not restricted only to the coloring of nails, hair, skin and fingernails but is also used for the coloring of fabrics like silk, wool as well as leather.

This tall shrub if mixed with INDIGO gives beautiful, strong coloration.

Henna is indeed a must presence in all marriage rituals, occasions and lavish religious festivals like Eid..

So switch over to Henna for a great coloring impact today.