How To Take Care of Your Henna Brows?

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How To Take Care of Your Henna Brows?

Henna Brows are the solution to your sparse brows, filling them in for a thicker, fuller, and more brow-tastic look. They color the skin behind your brows for four to six days and your brow hair for up to six weeks and can last up to six weeks. Henna brows are an immaculately perfect fit to your wholesome style because they are a natural alternative to chemical brow tinting.

For millennia, women have used henna as a sign of success, particularly for body art and hair dye. Henna brows are not the classic red that most people associate with henna, but rather a cool color tone that is great for brows.

Boo-yah!!! Those henna brows are stunning! We offer some simple aftercare guidelines to keep them looking sharp and amazing. Nothing too difficult, and they will definitely keep those brows popping!

  1. Keep It Protected From Water for 24 Hours :
  2. Pretend you're wearing a pair of snorkels for the next 24 to 48 hours. You want to keep any water, steam, or heat away from your brows. They will cause the henna to fade faster than it should, which is exactly what we don't want to happen to those wonderful brows.

  3. No Hard-Moisturizers :
  4. The henna will stain your skin for the following 4 - 7 days before starting to fade away; however, it will remain in your brow hairs for the next 4 - 6 weeks. You should exercise caution when applying lotions or moisturizers near your brows. If it's an anti-aging cream or moisturizer, it'll enter the skin at the same level as the henna eyebrow product. Because the henna is at the same cell level as the anti-aging chemicals, it will be driven out. This normally happens within two days.

  5. Initially, Get Your Brow Henna Appointment Regularly and at Shorter Intervals :
  6. Using this particular henna product, we've discovered that the more regularly you get it done, the longer the skin coloring will persist. We've seen people who came in every three weeks for nine months and said their skin discoloration lasted about two and a half weeks before receding.
    We recommend returning every three weeks to maintain your henna brows looking on point, and the more regularly we color the skin, the longer the skin staining will remain.

    We recommend using the Mina Brow Nourishing Oil if you want the greatest results from your henna brows. It will create a waterproof covering over the henna to make it last longer, and it also contains some growth serum to help rebuild some of those brow hairs.

    Following your appointment,

  • Keep your new henna brows DRY for the first 24-48 hours! Avoid any contact with water, sweating, steam, or swimming.
  • The longer you leave them alone, the longer they will endure.
  • Avoid using any cleansers, exfoliants, AHAs, or retinol directly on your brows, including skin peels.
  • Avoid using makeup wipes or removers on the brows.
  • Avoid taking long hot showers/baths immediately after the application.
  • Avoid chlorinated pools, spas, and high heat, such as saunas and strenuous exercises, as they will hasten the fading process.

For the best results,

  • Drink an ample amount of water to keep your skin hydrated from within.
  • While you have brow henna, avoid using any products directly on your brows.
  • Rebooking your brows every three weeks can help to build up the stain on your skin and make it last longer.

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