Burgundy Eyebrow Henna Refill Pack

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  • Gives your eyes brows a beautiful rich burgundy colour
  • Provides with a professional look
  • Free from chemicals like Ammonia or lead
  • Colour stays for a longer period of time.
  • Would not lighten the colour of the eyebrows
  • Can tint 100 to 120 brow sets


The Mina Ibrow Henna Burgundy gives an attractive burgundy colour to the eyebrows. Eyebrows look fuller by applying this. Gives a colour that may stay for 6 weeks. Is free from chemicals like Ammonia, Lead or Heavy metals.  Does not get smudged and is considered one of the best eyebrows tinting kit. Gives your eyebrow a deep burgundy colour.


  • It has 12 sachets of ibrow henna
  • 1 measuring cup
  • 1 bottle to keep left over ibrow henna in it.
  • 1 spatula to mix.
  • 1 leaflet for instruction and product knowledge

How to prepare:

Take ibrow henna in the measuring cup and add few drops of water in it. Mix it well until it becomes a thick paste. Clean your brow with ibrow cleanser and apply the paste on your eyebrows and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Clean your eyebrows again with the cleanser. At last apply ibrow nourishing oil for making the eyebrows more thick and add strength to them.

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Ask a Question
  • Is it also useful to lighten X? Do I need to lighten dark brown?

    Brows color must always be darker then your hair color. Mina Ibrow henna will not lighten the dark brows, however if you have a dark hair color we advise you to go for light brown or dark medium brown color.

  • How many applications in a pack?

    Up to 120 applications

  • Do you have a Microblading ruler for the shaping?

    Yes Mina Microblading Ruler

  • What is the best product to clean eyebrows?

    Mina Eyebrow Cleanser

  • How many applications in a pack?

    Up to 120 applications

  • Is it ok to use it directly to the skin?

    you must perform patch test before use.

  • Is there any nourishing oil for sparse brows?

    Mina Eyebrow Nourishing Oil

  • Can it color over darker shade?

    No..this is only for light shades

  • Is it waterproof?

    Yes.. it is waterproof

  • Can it colour over Brown shade? Do I need to bleach?

    You can try without bleach, if it doesn't come, then bleach.
    This totally depends upon how much brown your brows are.

  • How to use it?

    Same like eyebrow any other colour of eyebrow henna.

  • Does it contain ammonia?


  • How long the tint stays?

    It stays up to 6 weeks on brow hair and 7 days on the skin.

  • What does spot coloring effects mean?

    You get the color at the same spot where u wish to color. This is small place color so name as spot colouring

  • Will it give colors over the light brown brows?

    Henna is a natural ingredient and only deposit the color. It can darken.

  • What concentration of lead it contains?

    No lead. It's lead free