Mina Eyebrow Measurement Tool

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  • Helps in having precise shape
  • Gives proper eyebrow shape.
  • For proffesional use.
  • Gives even length.


The Mina Ibrow Measurement Tool is for professional use. For perfect accuracy while making your eyebrows look more attractive, this tool is extremely beneficial. It helps you to get a precise shade with unquestioned precision. It will give you a proper shape and an even length. Use it to measure the proper shape and then fill in the eyebrows with Mina Ibrow Henna or Mina Ibrow Pencil.

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  • What tool do we use for eyebrows?

    You can use these brow tools .

  • I am a trainee in the professional tint coarse. I hope this will help me to define the accurate shape. Will it be?

    Yes, it helps to get accurate shape.

  • Is it safe to use?

    Yes, it's safe and tested.

  • can I shape my eyebrows in defined length using this?


  • The product is only to use in combination with a tint or can be used with pencils too?

    You can use it with both.

  • What’s the purpose?

    It's for :-

    • Helps in having precise shape
    • Gives proper eyebrow shape.
    • Gives even length.

  • Also good for personal use or only for the brow artists?

    This is good for both.

  • Is it for professional use?

    It's a simple tool, can be used by anyone with no difficulty.

  • Is it lightweight? I am an artist, I have to do 30-40 eyebrow tint a day of my customers, I’m looking for a lightweight measurement tool.

    Yes, it is lightweight.

  • Will this helps in making brow arch and shape too?

    Yes..it helps.

  • Is this helpful in brow shaping?