Mina Eyebrow Pencil

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  • Gives precise shade
  • Gives defined eyebrows
  • Gives a natural look


The Mina Ibrow pencil gives you natural looking eyebrows. This fills in the gap in eyebrows and makes them look fuller. The Ibrow Pencil gives defined and gorgeous looking eyebrows. Mina Ibrow Pencil gives you a precise shade in your eyebrows.

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  • I want to grow my eyebrows naturally thick. Any product recommendations?

    You can use Mina Eyebrow Nourishing Oil

  • How should I cleanse my brows regularly? Do you recommend any product?

    Yes. You can use mina eyebrow cleanser

  • How Can I shape my brows?

    Mina Eyebrow Grooming Stencils Kit

  • What can I use instead of a pencil to make my brows looks thicker?

    You can use Brow Henna Kit - 8 Beautiful Colors

  • What to use to remove the pencil color at night?

    Mina Stain remover

  • Do you have any product that eases the brow shaping?

    Yes Stencils

  • Is it for highlighting or outlining?


  • Can we use it to outline the shape for tinting?


  • Is it for highlighting the brows?


  • Is this for everyone or any specific skin type?

    For everyone.

  • Can we use it to outline the shape for tinting?


  • Does this really help to give a proper shape to my eyebrows?

    Yes, it gives

  • can it gives a natural look to my eyebrows?


  • Is it washable?


  • Can we wipe it using rose water or makeup remover?

    Yes. you can.

  • How long the effect stays?

    Eyebrow pencil stays up to 1 day.

  • Is it matfinish or glossy?

    It's for outlining

  • Is this more for defining or filling in? I need something to fill in my sparse brows.

    This is for defining. You can use Mina ibrow Henna for filling in the sparse brows

  • Is it natural means free of ammonia, sulphate, and paraben?

    It's is sulphate & ammonia-free.

  • Does it need to be sharpened?


  • What shade it is?


  • I am 18. Is it okay to use a pencil?


  • It is a roll-on or a pencil?

    It's a pencil.

  • Is this pencil sweat and water-resistant?

    It's marking pencils for eyebrow henna.

  • I have removed the tip of my eyebrows by mistake. Will this help me to make the fake brow tip?

    Yes. It will.