• Tips For Faster Brow Growth and Other Fun Facts

    Tips For Faster Brow Growth and Other Fun Facts

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    Using eyebrow pencils, stickers, and other cosmetics produces rapid and transient benefits, but a more permanent approach is to try to thicken your brows naturally. Believe it or not, the form and size of your brows can help define the features of your face. For example, you may have noticed a difference if the salon's beautician thinned your brows and you finished up appearing...
  • Henna Brows - What Is It | How To Apply | Benefits

    Henna Brows - What Is It

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    Henna brows are the trending story of the brow world in the current scenario but if you really wish to know what they really are, here’s your guide. Henna Brows are the answer to your sparse brows as they fill in the brows for a thicker, fuller, and more brow-tastic look. Lasting up to six weeks, they color the skin under your brows for...
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