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The Best Henna Brow Tint For Expressive, Elegant Eyes

Making your eyebrows look more charming may amp up your facial features in a unique way. With microblading and eyebrows make up, becoming a common trend We have shaped one of the most innovative henna tint for eyebrows. Mina Ibrow Henna is an exclusive revolutionary product designed to give you beautiful, naturally thick, covered eyebrows. Common eyebrow pencils offer you a short lasting coloring effect and may get smudged if not applied carefully. Moreover while drawing your eyebrows with a pencil, you need to extremely careful.

Giving you a great solution for such issues and to make your eyebrows look extremely attractive and appealing, we present an innovative eyebrow Henna with a permanent coloring effects that lasts longer and makes your eyes get a stunning look naturally.

With more than a decade of experience and an in-depth research Mina Ibrow Henna has been curated with the best coloring impacts.

Why Choose Our Mina IBrow Henna?

Before you make a choice with Mina Ibrow Henna, know what makes our henna tinting Kit the best and most effective.

Spot Coloring Effects: Mina IBrow Henna gives you effective spot coloring results and thus this eyebrow henna dye is one of the best professional products for coloring eyebrows with a tattoo effect.

Deposits Only Permanent Color: Our Mina IBrow Henna gives you much superior result depositing permanent color effects and lasts for a longer time.

Effectively Covers Resistant Gray: Mina IBrow Henna, the henna tint for eyebrows effectively covers gray hairs in the eyebrow without any space, thus giving a thick, deeper gray coverage.

Long Lasting Naturally Beautiful Eyebrows: The Mina IBrow Henna, henna eyebrow kit as compared to other eyebrow pencils has a longer shelf life as well as the coloring effects have a lasting impact, thus giving you more expressive eyebrows. With proper, careful proper application of the eyebrow tinting henna, the color may last as long as 6 weeks on the hairs and 5-21 days on actual skin. No more stress of coloring your eyebrows after every 2-3 days with the Mina IBrow Henna, henna tint for eyebrows.

Comes In A Comprehensive Ready To Use Kit:Our Mina IBrow Henna comes in a absolutely ready to use kit. It contains a bowl, three pairs of gloves, three professional applicators, (each to be used with each coloring sachet provided)and a single instruction leaflet

Elegant, Expressive and Stylish eyebrows are just a click away.