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Customer Stories


Rose water: To begin with, Mina rose water is very refreshing . I use it as a base for makeup & before I sleep at night & even on outdoor shoots. it gives me a great & glowing skin and also i love the products


Brow Henna Regular Kit - Blonde


I absolutely love Mina ibrow henna’s organic & traditional philosophy .it’s came from maharani times which give a good & pleasant vibe . Which really makes the whole experience of using it on my brows very Classy

Beauty bar

Brow Henna Regular Kit - Copper Brown


I love Mina ibrow henna starter kit . it's speciality is that pregnant women & lactating mothers can also use it . for being a mother i was not able to give time to my brows . but after using the Mina product I will never be worried about my brows . with in 15 to 20 mins its tint my brows & give pleasant look thanks mina ibrow henna

skin esthetics

Brow Henna Regular Kit - Dark Brown


Refill pack : I have been using Mina products for quite some time now. I must confess products are genuine & pure . Refill pack does wonders for my brows . absolutely this product is a blessing to my brows .


Brow Henna Regular Kit - Ash Blonde


Stain remover : I like mina stain remover very much . as i use it to remove my brows extra stain . & my make-up stains too . so it is multipurpose product and i loved it very much thanks mina

lash affair

Brow Henna Regular Kit - Golden Brown


INK thread : I have been using mina ink thread for a month . and i obssessd with this product and gives a pure and clear shape to my brows and i will never ever quite this product . i love this brand and i recommend it to some of my colleague they also liked it very much a happy customer from canada

Beauty by bb

Brow Henna Refill Kit - Medium Brown


Brow cleanser : I use brow cleanser as a cleansing brow before tinting and I also used it on my face for cleansing purposes. It cleans my brows & face too. After using it on my face, my face looks very plumpy & glowing . I never thought that this product would work very well on my brows . thanks mina

surrey lashes

Brow Henna Refill Kit - Blonde


Brow shampoo : I am a model because of my busy sechdule . I never ever cared for my brows and brows looked so weird before using it till I am using mina ‘s product like brow shampoo. My brows look classy . After using brow shampoo , cleanser and professional starter kit, I am very satisfied with this brand and now I am not using any makeup on my brows . I would recommend this brand to my fans too . I love this brand.


Brow Henna Refill Kit - Golden Brown


I am an eyebrow technician for about 6 years and been using Mina ibrow products for 3 years.I’ve used different henna products throughout my experience and Mina ibrow is by far my favourite, it's the only product I use now for tinting now.The product is easy to use and the stain is always so vibrant.My clients are also very satisfied at the end of their appointment. Thanks to Mina for the simple yet effective product.


Brow Henna Regular Kit - Dark Brown


10. I love Mina Henna. I’ve tried many other brands and nothing compares. The colour selection is beautiful and lasts. The formula is easy to use and not too watery like other hennas I’ve tried. I’ll never use anything else!


Brow Henna Regular Kit - Dark Brown


It's just that I want to let you know that I love all of your products. I'm an eye brow designer and the truth is that it is incredible.


Brow Henna Refill Kit - Dark Brown