How to Use Eyebrow Henna

Please follow this link to know how to use Eyebrow henna

Is it important to perform patch test 48 hrs before

YES. You must perform a patch test before 48 hrs.

Do you have a video to explain how to blend and create a new color.
Which Ibrow Henna offer warm tones and which Ibrow henna offers Ash Tones.

Warmtones – Burgundy, copper brown - Ash tones - Blonde.

Is Ibrow Mina Henna safe for pregnant & Lactation women?

Many of our happy customers are using it during pregnancy & lactation without any serious issues.

Can I offer this service to my clients ?

yes you may , kinldy contact us at info@ibrowhenna.com

Which water should I use to dilute The Mina IBrow Henna – Warm/ Hot/ Normal –?

Use Normal Water to dilute Mina Ibrow Henna.

Can I use Tap water or I need to use mineral water?

Mineral water is better for Mina Eyebrow Henna

How long I need to keep Mina Henna brows on the eyebrow?

Approx 15 Mintues and for darker color. Aim to colour to stay longer- please keep it for longer duration and may apply for 2-3

times immediately after first application & wiping with cotton.

Can I sell Mina Ibrow Henna at my distribution centre which sells to professionals?

Yes you may, for any further assistance please contact us at info@ibrowhenna.com

Does starter kit have everything to start Mina IBrow Henna?

Yes, in our professional starter kit, you will get 8 colors of eyebrows, conditioning cleanser and brow Nourishing oil.

Does this product contains Alcohol, Quaternium – 15 & Nickel sulphate –?

No Mina IBrow Henna Does not Contains These Ingredients.

How many layers of Mina IBrow Henna can i apply?

3 layers.

How to become certified trainer with your Mina ?

Please mark a mail at info@ibrowhenna.com.

Is it important to put Nourishing oil after tinting Brows with Mina Ibrow Henna ?

Yes its important to put Nourishing oil after tinting the Brow with Mina Ibrow Henna.

Will it turn hair redish?

No, it will give the light brown color.

Is this Hypoallergenic?

People are allergic to species, vegetables and other stauff hence we always suggest to do a patch test befor applyinh henna.

Does Mina IBrow Henna Kit contains Mascara Brush aplicator?

No it does not contain Mascara Brush Aplicator.

Is this LATEX Free?

Yes this Latex Free.

Could I change color before the itesm is shipped ?

yes, you can change the color before the item is shipped by sending email at info@ibrowhenna.com

Does this color the hair skin or only the hair of the brow?

it will color the both skin & hair

Does the professional Starter kit bring any shape stencil ?

No, this kit does not contain any shape stencils. You must buy Mina Eyebrow shaping eyrbrow grooming stencils kit

(3 styles Reusable stencil ) seprately.

Can this be used on lashes as well ?

yes, you can use mina ibrow henna on lashes.

How many drops to mix with a scoop? It doesn’t say in the directions?

With 1 full scoop you need to mix approximately 25 to 30 drops from the dropper provided.

Is your henna gluten free?

Yes, Mina IBrow Henna is Gluten Free.

Once the henna is mixed and stored in the containers provided how long will that mixture be good for in the storage container?

Bottle to keep leftover powder is meant for keeping the leftover powder (not the mixture). This means the mixture need to be

used as the earliest.

Is there an option to buy this kit with custom colors? I would only use 3 colours

No, we cannot customize the starter kit. However you can buy these 3 colors separately.

Is this product the original from England?

Henna is a plant which is found in india.

How to use?
  1. PREPARING :- A package (1g) contains enough products to be used on 8-10 sets of eyebrow applications. Take half a tablespoon

    of powder (provided in the package) in the measuring cup (provided in the package) and pour a few drops of water using the

    dropper (supplied in the package) and mix with the spoon for 5-10 minutes until all parts dissolve to make them smooth and

    uniform. Store the residual powder content of the package in the bottle (for the remaining powder) supplied with the box.

  2. Clean the eyebrows with detergent to remove dirt with a cotton pad.
  3. Apply the smooth and uniform henna paste of the wick using the henna dyeing brush in ibrow from the root to the tip of the

    eyebrow, separating the hair of the brow into small sections. Leave the henna paste on the eyebrow for about 10-15 minutes,

    for the desired color. For stubborn gray hair, reapply the eyebrow henna mixture 10 minutes after the first application and

    leave on the brow for 10-15 minutes more for the desired result. Apply the 3rd time to stay as long as necessary.

  4. Clean the henna paste residue on the eyebrow from the brow with cleanser, then clean eye with water & dry with a soft towel.
  5. Apply a nourishing Mina Brow oil to the eyebrows. The oil gently sets the color & gives it shine,softness with regular use.
Where can I find the products? I have some allergies and I wouldn't want to find myself with a purchase I can't use?

You can use our small package by performing a 48-hour skin sensitivity test before using the product

Is it possible to buy color refills once they are finished?

Yes , you can buy MINA Professional Eyebrow Henna Refill Pack & Tinting Kit For Eyebrow Color

Should an envelope be opened immediately, or can it be reused for a second time?

1 sachet can tint up to 10 applications so use the powder according to your need and keep the rest powder in the bottle to keep

leftover ibrow henna

What would the product be?

3 packets of ibrow henna powder, scoop, spatula, bottle to keep henna powder in powder form, leaflet, dropper

How many applications are there in a box?

1 box can tint up to 30 applications.