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Do you have a video of Mina Ibrow Henna for professional's use?

Please follow this link to know how to use Mina Ibrow Henna

Do you have a professional Concent Form for the customer's they can sign before the Mina Ibrow Henna application?

Please Check the following link :- Concent Form

Can we see Mina Ibrow Henna color swatches on skin?

Do you have a video for Individual user on How to apply Mina Ibrow Henna?

Please Check the following link :- how to use Mina Ibrow Henna at home.

Procedure to be followed - Pre application, During application and Post application for Mina Ibrow Henna

It is important to understand the steps to be followed for PRE PROCEDURE, DURING PROCEDURE and POST PROCEDURE.
Pre application procedure -
1. First of all always do a patch test ( on your wrist or at the back of your ear area ( a pea size patch only) , to check if your skin develop any allergy from any of the ingredients, we also advise to read about all the ingredients and leaflet before using it.
2. Always wash your face with the cleanser/mild scrubber/face wash. It is important to get rid of all the oil and dust accumulated on our skin. Henna Tint will not work if the face is not clean.
During application - Mix the Henna powder with the few drops of the mineral or Mina Ibrow Henna Rose water. Once the mixture will turn into a honey like consistency, its ready for use. First application must be kept for 25-30minutes, and must be wiped off with the Mina Ibrow Henna cleanser. Do not use soap or face wash after application? If you wish to have a darker tint, we recommend you to wait for the 05 minutes and make the paste again and reapply, wait for another 20minutes and to remove the tint use the cleanser. Complete the procedure by applying Mina Ibrow Henna Brow Nourishing oil once the brows are clean and dry. The Mina brow Nourishing Oil, not only will help the tint to stay longer, but will also help Brows to grow denser, stronger and Lustrous. Once a day on Brows and eyelashes will give wonderful results.
Post Application -
1). Avoid direct sun light for 24-48 hours.
2) Avoid swimming
3) any chemical peel or job on face 24-72hours.

Is it important to perform patch test 48 hrs before?

People are allergic to vegetables or spices or even with henna also. Hence, we suggest performing sensitivity test before Mina henna application upon your customer/ Your self. You can also download the 'consultation form' from our website this filled form will give you a fair idea in case your customer have a hypersensitive skin. We recommend a patch test 24-48 hours before the application.

Do you have a video to explain how to blend and create a new colour?

Please checkout this link/professional training Video

How many types of color tones you have?

We have total 12 shades.
Natural tones - Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown
Warm Tones - Burgundy, Blonde, Copper Brown, Golden Brown.
Cool Tones - Ash Blonde, Pearl Grey, Graphite, Grey Brown.

Is Mina Ibrow Henna safe for pregnant & Lactation women?

Many of our happy customers are using it during pregnancy & lactation without any serious issues.

What is the procedure to become your distributor?

To know the procedure please email us at .

Can we Tint our Eyelashes with this?

Yes you can.

Which water should I use to dilute The Mina IBrow Henna – Warm/ Hot/ Normal –?

We recommend mineral water at a normal room temperature. Do not mix too hot, too cool or warm water.

Can I use Tap water or I need to use mineral water?

We recommend Mineral water or Mina Rose water for best results

How many layers of Mina IBrow Henna can I apply?

03 layers in a day, at a gap of 05 minutes each

How to become certified trainer with your Mina?

Please mark a mail at

Is this Hypoallergenic?

People are allergic to vegetables or spices or even with henna also. Hence, we suggest performing sensitivity test before Mina Ibrow Henna application upon your customer or yourself.

Does Mina IBrow Henna Kit contains Mascara Brush applicator?

No it does not contain Mascara Brush Applicator. We do have brow tint brush available on our website.

How long I need to keep Mina Henna brows on the eyebrow?

Approx. 25- 30 Minutes. In case you wish to have a darker shade, we suggest you to wipe off the first application with the Mina Brow Cleanser and wait for the 05 minutes before applying second application.

Does starter kit have everything to start Mina IBrow Henna?

Yes Mina Ibrow Henna Kit comes in two type of boxes. One with the 08 shades and another one with the 12 shades. In both the kits we provide, Mina Brows cleanser, Mina Brow nourishing oil, leftover bottle, Pipette and instructions leaflet

How to become certified trainer with your Mina Ibrow Henna ?

Please mark a mail at

Is it important to put Brow Nourishing oil after tinting Brows with Mina Ibrow Henna?

Yes it is very important to put Brow Nourishing oil once you are done with the procedure of tinting , as this oil will not only provide nourishment, Lustre but also will make lashes and brows strong and thick. Once a day during night use it for the beautiful Brows and Lashes.

Is this LATEX Free?

Yes it is.

Could I change color before the items is shipped?

yes you can by dropping an email at

Does its help in solving the Sparse Brow problem?

Yes it does as it tints brows and skin both.

Does the professional Starter kit bring any shape stencil?

No, this kit does not contain any shape stencils.

How many drops to mix with a scoop?

We will advise you to mix water untill it turns into a honey like consistency, approximately 20-25 drops are sufficient.

Is your henna gluten free?

Yes it is Gluten free

I have open the sachet of Mina ibrow henna and kept the leftover in an airtight jar, how long it will remain effective for the reapplication?

After opening the sachet of Mina Ibrow Henna ,we advise you to transfer the remaining tint in an air tight jar or the left over bottle we have provided as one of the accessories inside the pack of Mina Ibrow Henna. Following the same will help the remaining tint for the reapplication ,upto six months. Unopened sachet expiry is upto 2.5years.

What is the expiry of unopened Mina Ibrow Henna Tint?

up to 2.5 years if pack is not unopened

Is it possible to buy color refills once they are finished?

Yes, you can buy MINA Professional Eyebrow Henna Refill Pack for the same.

How many applications are there in a box?

One Regular pack of Mina Ibrow henna, have 03 sachets, each sachet is on 01 gram. You can have 10 application from one sachet so which means one regular pack will last up to 30 Brows tinting applications.