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Mina Ibrow Henna College Kit for the beginners or professional semi-permanent tattoo stylists or brow artists. Mina ibrow Henna College Kit pack comprises of 6 different tint shade of ibrow Henna, Pre Brow Conditioning Cleanser and Post Brow Nourishing Oil. Indulge with natural henna and No Ammonia, No lead. It’s a Natural Henna based tint covers grey and fills in gaps providing spot coloring with amazing tattoo effects make your eyebrows appear full and pretty.

  • Sufficient for up to 100 applications.
  • Covers stubborn grey providing spot coloring with beautiful tattoo effects.
  • No Lead, No Ammonia, Natural Henna, and Aloe Vera based tint.
  • 6 Stunning Shades of Natural Henna Based tint compliments almost every skin tone and actively covers grey.
  • Pre Conditioning Cleanser to remove dirt & impurities, Post Nourishing Oil to fix the color giving soft & shiny brow looks.

Mina ibrow College Kit Combo is worth of buying, improvises to save your money specifically when you are at the beginning stage of professional tattoo artist course. The brand trusted & recommended by artists & makeup studios worldwide. Easy to use henna tint comes in stunning shades as:

6 Amazing Shades


To every natural black hair, it is a perfect tint shade to cover your resistant grey, fills in the gaps or unfilled brows giving you thicker darker brow looks.

Dark Brown

Want darker brows but the uncommon shade, then land to dark brown shade and especially If you have black hair or dark hair, without thinking twice go for a dark brown tint.

Medium Brown

Go according to your hair color, pick 1-2 light shade than your natural hair color. So if you have black or dark brown hair, medium brown color amazingly compliments the brows and also the shade perfectly suits the olive skin tone.

Light Brown

Light Brown shade will suit all dark or semi-dark hair and also the olive skin tone. Everybody picks a lighter shade than their actual hair color so it will amazingly go with the semi-dark hair.


The lightest shade among all compliments the fair or wheatish skin. Charms you Bold and classy brow looks.

Ash Blonde

Beauty is an expression of who you are without words. The way you look says more than what you say. But sometimes it's hard to find the perfect look. Our ash-blonde eyebrow tint is the best way to get eyebrows that are on-trend, natural-looking, lasting up to 6 weeks. A perfect solution for those with light coloured or grey hair, who have been struggling to find a semi-permanent dye that works.

Brow Conditioning Cleanser

Mina brow cleanser cleanses the oil, dirt and makeup residue. This cleanser wipes all traces of makeup and deeply cleanses the dirt & impurities. The eyebrow cleanser used in the pre and post tinting process to cleanse the brows delivers better tint color. The natural cleanser forms of Rosewater, Aloe vera, cucumber, and some botanical oilsand contains No SLS/SLES, No Paraben proving Safe & Beautiful tinting experience.

Brow Nourishing Oil

The nourishing oil in the kit is to nourish your eyebrows and make your eyebrows look longer, thicker and more beautiful than ever before. Mina ibrow Nourishing Oil induces with the Sweet Almond oil, Castor oil, Argan oil, Rosemary oil, and Germanium oil. Synergistically these oils not only give the shine & gloss to eyebrow tint but promote natural growth & thickness of the eyebrows.


Mina College Kit has all the accessories required for the brow tinting includes a Measuring Cup to measure the required quantity of tint, a Dropper Pipette to add exact drops of water to prepare proper consistency of henna paste, Bottle to Keep Leftover ibrow henna powder for later usage, Spatula to take the henna powder and to mix the henna paste and an Instruction Leaflet for the guidance of the brow tinting process.

Why College Kit?

Mina ibrow College Kit is an economical tinting kit for the training or college students who are at their beginning stage of professional tattooing or tinting. And just in $39.95, you will get the complete package covering all the tinting necessitates incorporates 6 tint shade, 2 pouches of each shade that can color upto 20 brow sets and overall applicable for upto 100 brows, 30 ml Brow Nourishing cleanser and 10ml of brow Nourishing Oil. You will get the super pack containing all the requirements for brow tint or tattoo at affordable prices.


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Ask a Question
  • Do you have any scrub specific for eyebrows?

    Yes. Mina Brow Scrub

  • Please recommend tint brush also.

    Mina Eyebrow Tinting Brush

  • I am a tattoo artist. will it help to me to make perfect?

    Yes, this kit is made for the brow tattoo artists.

  • Can you use it on eyelashes too?

    Yes, many happy customers are using it.

  • Does all colours are available on this?

    Five colours are included in this - BLACK, DARK BROWN, MEDIUM BROWN, LIGHT BROWN, BLONDE

  • For which purpous we can use this?

    This is college kit, introduced for brow trainees.

  • What works of it?

    This if for henna brow tint trainees.

  • What’s the use of oil in the box?

    The oil fixes the colour and gives shine and softness to the eyebrow with regular use.

  • What’s the purpose of the kit?

    Mina Ibrow Henna College Kit is made for the beginners or professional semi-permanent tattoo stylists or brow artists.

  • Does tint stay longer than temporary eyebrow pencils?

    Yes, it stays up to 6 weeks on hair and 7 days on the skin.

  • I need to get it for my sister, mother &, is it enough to order one kit?

    This kit includes 5 shade, 2 pouches of each shade that can color up to 20 brow sets and overall applicable for up to 100 brows plus 30 ml Brow Nourishing cleanser and 10ml of brow Nourishing Oil.

  • On average, How much tint costs per application?

    A 12 $ pack for 30 applications. So 12$ / 30 applications = 40 cents per applications.

  • Is the tint waterproof?

    Yes, mina ibrow henna is water proof.

  • Can we apply this tint on the skin of the person with no eyebrows?

    Yes..u can.

  • Are these tint ammonia-free? Does it contain lead or parabens?

    Its' ammonia & lead free but it contains parabens.

  • How long the tint lasts?

    It stays up to 6 weeks on hair and up to 7 days on the skin.

  • How long the effect of tint lasts?

    It's lasts up to 6 weeks on hair and lasts up to 6 days on skin.

  • How many shades are there in the kit? Is the tint ammonia-free?


    Yes, it is ammonia-free.

  • I am learning tint online. Is the pack is helpful for me to do practice?

    Yes, it's a college kit for brow tint trainees.

  • I am running an institute for professional tattooing or brow tinting. Is the kit good for the distribution to trainees?

    Yes, this kit is introduced for brow trainees.

  • I am learning professional Brow Tinting. Is this kit perfect for my practice?

    Yes, this is especially for trainees.