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introduce brand Mina

Interestingly, Mina is a very common name for girls in Egypt, the Middle East and India. It simply means committed and determined—indicating the spirit of brand MINA as well.

So, why did we introduce brand Mina in the first place?

I am Shyam S. Arya, a Fellow of Institution of Chemists (India) with a Master’s in Analytical Chemistry and Diploma in Analytical Techniques. When I was trotting the globe, I saw that women and girls, all over the world, were primarily troubled with temporary beauty fixes like the lipstick and eyebrow pencil. And, if given a viable option, they would gladly switch over to any more permanent solution. Particularly for the eyebrows, since it defines the beauty of the face like no other. So, I started researching. Then, one fine day, the solution suddenly disclosed itself to me and everything became so crystal clear. It was there right in my backyard—in my home state of Rajasthan, in India.

Did you know that Rajasthan grows the best henna in the world due to its climatic conditions? When applied on hair, Rajasthani henna renders a darker colouration, and on the skin, it marks darker tattoos that stay for a couple of days. So, being a specialist and a natural colourist, I decided to develop this into a more permanent alternative to the eyebrow pencil, and the rest is history.

To maintain purity and quality of MINA iBrow Henna we established our processing unit in the pristine hills of the Himalayas, in a small town called Shoghi in the picturesque hill city of Shimla. This also opened up new financial opportunities for the local population, particularly the womenfolk, who till then couldn’t support their families in spite of trying their level best.

We are proud to declare that today MINA iBrow Henna is also the only beauty brand in India that is of the women, for the women and by the women of this small insignificant town. Nearly 80% of our workforce comprises women from these poor families. So, every product you buy from MINA iBrow Henna also goes a long way in supporting them.