Ibrow & Lash Natural Medium Brown Colour

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A revolutionary brow and lashes product, Mina Ibrow and Lash Capsule is a smarter and semi-permanent solution for coloring your brow and lashes. As a completely natural alternative to chemical brow and lash tinting, this product comprises of natural herbs like organically certified amla powder, chamomile flower powder, walnut powder, castor oil, rose flower extract, aloe vera juice, and cucumber juice. As the elements of nature help you color your brows and lashes in the most spectacular shade, we bring in the most spectacular color choice of -

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Ash Blonde

The DIY Kit of Mina Brow & Lash Capsule comes with 10 applications in one box that stay up to 6 weeks. Our waterproof eyebrow and lash capsule keeps your brow and lash makeup in place all day with no smudging, or transfer, and also offers to be sweatproof for your hot summer days. Walking, running, cycling, climbing, yoga, basketball, football, swimming, rock climbing, etc. are harmless to their long-lasting effect as it delivers brow-tastic and lash-perfect results for your makeup look around the clock. You no longer have to touch up your brows and lashes with a brow pencil or mascara every time you step out because our natural Ibrow and Lash Capsule serves as an everyday hassle-free solution for your brows. So apply once, and simply wake up with impeccable brows and lashes for the next six weeks.

  • A natural solution to chemical brow and lash tinting
  • Permanent up to six weeks on brow hair, four days on the skin
  • A smarter alternative to brow pencil
  • Waterproof, smudge-proof, and sweatproof
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • No ammonia
  • No lead
  • Gives upto 10 applications in a kit
  • A complete kit for your brow care
  • Amla Powder (Phyllanthus emblica): Fixates the color and gently exfoliates the skin promoting hair growth
  • Chamomile Flower Powder (Matricaria chamomilla): Gives golden to copper shade to hair and effectively works against hair loss
  • Walnut (Juglans): Provide brown to dark brown shade to hair
  • Castor oil (Ricinus communis): Good for hair growth of brows and lashes
  • 10 Coloring Capsules
  • Mina Rose Water - 15ml
  • Brow Conditioning Cleanser - 20ml
  • One Reusable Mixing Cup
  • One Reusable Bamboo Applicator Brush
  • Instruction Leaflet
  • Step 1. (PREPARE) Take one capsule open it and take out the powder inside it and mix that powder with 8-9 drops of rose water untill it become honey like consistency.
  • Step 2. (CLEANS) Use the Mina Brow Conditioning Cleanser to clean your brows & remove any dirt or foreign particles.
  • Step 3. (APPLY) Apply the mixture, according to your desired shade, using the Mina Brush.
  • Step 4. (WAIT & REMOVE) Wait for 10-15 minutes then wipe off with Mina ibrow cleanser.
Smarter and trendier way to do your brows and lashes

Just 15 minutes can lead you to have permanently bolder and impeccable eyebrows for up to six weeks. So now, you may surely say bye-bye to your brow pencil. One capsule can cover your brows and lashes together and would give you an even tone result for your facial features.

Natural solution against chemical brow and lash tinting

A natural and extra-safe solution for brow and lash tinting which works to exfoliate your brows and lashes for a healthy outcome. Since it is natural, it not only colors but also cares. The kit does not have ammonia or lead hence offering you safe skin.

Make your brows and lashes look bolder, more natural, and fuller.

The tint provides spot coloring with a tattoo-like effect that fills the sparse patchy brows, making them realistic, naturally thicker, and strikingly gorgeous. Beautiful, fuller-looking, bold brows lend definition to the face.

Brows and lashes that stay permanent for up to 6 weeks

The brilliantly pigmented yet natural-looking Mina Ibrow & Lash is a smudge-proof, waterproof tint designed to last up to 6 weeks on your brows, and 4 days on your skin. Now you may enjoy the rain and your daily baths and swims while your brows remain as healthy and vibrant as ever.

Free from the everyday hassle of brow pencil

As you wake up with perfect-looking brows every day, Mina Ibrow and Lash saves you from the everyday hassle of brow pencil as one application lasts up to 6 weeks. Hence, giving you perfect-looking brows and impeccably long lashes without the makeup touch-up every now and then.

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