4 Color Combo - Light Brown - Medium Brown - Dark Brown - Blonde

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mina ibrow henna combo

Mina ibrow Henna tint, henna based tint further involves the benefits of Jojoba oil and aloe vera. Extra-safe Mina henna tint is free of Ammonia & lead. A Combo of all the dark to the lightest shade of Brown tint includes Dark Brown to the Blonde. Easy to use Mina tint give spot colouring tattoo effects on the skin to draw the eyebrows. Mina Eyebrow Tint saves your time by saving you from the daily eyebrow makeup chores. Mina tint lasts up to 6 weeks, it lasts longer than the effects of temporary eyebrow pencils. Combo includes Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown and Blonde Tint for the stunning eyebrow look. Mina tints make your eyebrows appears fuller and thicker. With the absence of bleach, no light shade of Mina tint can colour over the darker shade. Mina ibrow Henna Tint formulated with henna, Jojoba oil and aloe vera cover the resistant grey 100%. Still, People with sensitive skin are suggested to take a patch test before use.

The Combo Includes Black, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Blonde Henna Brows Kit

Dark Brown

Mina ibrow Henna Dark Brown Tint for the one who wants their eyebrows dark but lighter than the common Black. Dark Brown Eyebrow Tint is Waterproof and smudge-proof. Mina tint lasts longer for 6 weeks on eyebrows and 6 days on the skin. The effects of Mina tint stays longer and much beautiful than the one-day effects of eyebrow pencils.

Medium Brown

Easy to use Medium Brown Mina ibrow Henna Tint is neither too dark nor too light. It is a perfect shade of brown with waterproof and smudge-proof effects. The tint lasts for 6 weeks on eyebrows. Mina ibrow Henna tint costs you much cheaper than the temporary eyebrow pencils. It costs you only 40 cents per application.

Light Brown

The one who prefers light shade of Brown, this shade of Mina tint will work best for them. The effects of mina tint last longer than the temporary eyebrow pencils. Mina tint Light Brown will give tattoo like spot colouring effects on the skin lasts a week. Waterproof and Smudge-proof Mina ibrow Henna Tint Light Brown lasts for 6 weeks on eyebrows.


For the Bold and Sassy eyebrows, opt for the lightest shade, Mina ibrow Henna Tint Blonde. Mina tint saves your time of daily eyebrow makeup chores, it lasts longer for 6 weeks. You will get the picture-perfect eyebrows using the Mina tint. No odour, no ammonia and lead, it is formulated with henna, jojoba oil and aloe vera for natural-looking effects.

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