Medium Brown - Eyebrow Nourishing Oil 10 ml + Eyebrow Cleanser Combo

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The most praised tint combo by both professionals and individual users—it includes Mina Medium Brown Eyebrow Henna tint, Eyebrow Nourishing Oil and a Cleanser. Mina ibrow Henna Tint is extra safe and gentle as it is formulated with natural ingredients. The tint looks fresh and evenly applied. It booms to cover your greys and bald patches. You can shape up your brows in any way you want and achieve a thicker, fuller, long-lasting appearance.The application of eyebrow nourishing oil after the tinting process adds a beautiful gloss to the tinted brows. Mina Cleanser is a special cleanser that removes traces of makeup and impurities for a smoother tint application and extends the stability of henna.

Medium Brown Eyebrow Henna

Mina Henna Tint Pack is an ideal solution to get a perfect set of brown eyebrows that are not too dark, nor too light. It is extra-safe as it is formulated with natural ingredients to make your brow hair healthier—consists of Henna, Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil. The tint is free of ammonia and lead, thus perfectly suits all kinds of skin. It is water proof and smudge-proof—no water can wash it away Besides, it is skin-friendly ascan be applied directly to get beautiful spot colouring tattoo like effects, which stays for a week on the skin. The thicker and fuller effects of tint on brow hair stay for up to 4 to 6 weeks on hair.A regular pack of Mina tint is enough for up to 30 applications.

Mina Nourishing Oil

It is formulated with the power of five oils to make one oil—Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Rosemary Oil and Geranium Oil. Sweet Almond Oil nourishes your brows. Rosemary Oil promotes naturally healthy hair growth. Argan and Geranium Oil synergistically and gently balance and calm your skin. All in all, Mina Nourishing Oil has been designed for the nourishment of the brows from deep within, thus promoting rich growth along with beautiful shine that it lends to the tinted eyebrows.

Mina Cleanser

Mina Cleanser deep cleanses your eyebrows, removes all dirt and pollutants from the skin to enable an even and smooth henna tint application. The eyebrow cleanser allows the tint to settle deep inside the skin, thus also prolonging its tinting effects. The formula is light and gentle for the skin and filled with the goodness of Rose Water, Cucumber, Aloe vera, Coconut Almond Oil and Tea Tree Oil. It opens the doors for deep nourishment of the skin underneath the brows and also conditions the brow hair and eyelashes.

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