How to Clean your Brows before Brow Treatment?

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How to Clean your Brows before Brow Treatment?

The Mina Ibrow Henna treatment has a basic algorithm behind its long-lasting abilities, i.e. to apply it on deeply cleansed brows. Cleaning your brows before getting your henna for brows is the basic thing to do and if you trust your everyday face wash for it, you’re wrong.

The product used to wash the brows must be mild enough not to disrupt pigment retention. So, certain compounds are strictly prohibited, and because most people need to learn what their go-to wash includes, it can be extremely problematic if they just keep using whatever they regularly wash their face with. It must be paraben- and oil-free in order to be non-comedogenic.

While microblading, chemical brow tinting, and other brow treatment also require brows to be deeply cleansed, here’s what you need.

While Mina Ibrow caters to your brow henna needs, we are also a one-stop shop for your pre-application products for your brow treatments -

  1. Mina Brow Conditioning Cleanser
    Mina Brow Conditioning Cleanser is a unique solution that cleans and nourishes your brows from the inside out. It removes dirt, pollutants, oil buildup, and makeup before tinting the brows. As a result, the brow tint can impart a color that lasts longer. This brow cleaner is devoid of parabens, SLS/SLES, and other potentially dangerous ingredients.
    Before getting your brows colored, make sure that the skin beneath and the hair on it are clean. This brow cleanser removes debris, oil, and makeup residues from your brows, preparing them for tinting. It also helps to keep the hair follicles intact by preventing any negative reactions.
    The gentle formula not only cleanses the brows gently, but it also keeps your brows nourished and allows your skin to retain moisture. The innovative mixture contains antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities that aid in the treatment of acne and outbreaks, reduces brow hair breaking, condition brows, and leaves them soft and healthy.
    With the goodness of rose water, aloe vera, cucumber, coconut oil, almond oil, and tea tree oil, it is a mild skin nourisher that is perfectly safe to use. The eyebrow conditioning cleanser, which contains no synthetic chemicals, cleanses the skin beneath the brows without drying them out.
  2. Mina Brow Shampoo
    Mina Brow Shampoo is precisely developed to remove dirt particles and makeup residues from the surface of the brows. It acts as a gentle cleanser that de-greases the skin's surface without washing away the natural oil of the brows, allowing for better henna deposition on the skin.
    Excessive makeup and grime buildup clog the pores of the brows, making them look uneven. This brow shampoo gently cleanses the soft brow follicles while also generating new skin cells, giving them strength and a healthy shine.
    Brow henna shampoo helps before applying Mina Henna to ensure that the henna is easily absorbed by the cuticles of the brow hair. It ensures that your brows are fully cleansed of makeup and natural oils for long-lasting tinting results.
    The brow shampoo contains pure Himalayan Spring Water gathered directly from the Himalayan foothills. Henna and Maddar extract naturally darken the brows. Fenugreek, Amla, and Ashwagandha help to strengthen the fragile brow follicles from within. While honey and citrus lemon fruit oil hydrate the brow surface.
  3. Mina Brow Scrub
    Mina Brow Scrub is a non-greasy, lightweight scrub formulation designed to exfoliate dead skin cells on the brows and surrounding area. It's a potent, detoxifying self-treatment for brows that intensifies and prolongs the henna coloring effect. It contains natural components that assist to preserve moisture, exfoliate dead skin cells gently, and soothe the skin. It also helps brow hair grow healthier and stronger, giving them a more natural appearance.

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