How to Get the Eyebrows You Always Wanted: Healthier, Darker and Fuller

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How to Get the Eyebrows You Always Wanted: Healthier, Darker and Fuller

Eyebrows frame your face and give you the appearance of a more youthful appearance. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with thick, full, perfect and healthy eyebrows. A few years ago, I started noticing my eyebrows were slowly disappearing. I wasn’t going bald, but I had developed an overbite that was causing my eyebrows to disappear! My eyebrows are all over the place. They are too thin, too light, and too sparse, and I never have the confidence to leave the house without filling them in.

I noticed my friend using an Eyebrow Nourishing Oil by iBrow Henna to thicken her eyebrows and give it a fuller look. I decided to give it a try and I am so happy I did. This is the best way to get healthy eyebrows you always wanted. If you’re looking for a more natural look, or if you just want to spruce up your eyebrows a little bit, here are some great eyebrow tricks to try.

Eyebrow Basics

Your eyebrows are the most naturally beautiful feature of your face. I can’t stand the fake, overly arched eyebrows that so many women sport. Always keep your eyebrows well-groomed and don’t over-pluck them. Stress causes excess hair loss and that can lead to hair thinning.

Thick and healthy eyebrows are a classic, often seen in men and women of all ages. Women with thin eyebrows often take chemical-loaded hair thickening products or even implants to get a thicker look. This is not the way to go!

What you need to do is stimulate the brow cells and give them good nourishment. The ingredients used are natural and of high quality. Mina’s Eyebrow Nourishing Oil helps in giving the most optimum amount of nourishment to eyebrow hair and the skin below it.  

3 Powerful Eyebrow Care Tips 

These recommendations are actually the same ones that my friend and fellow beauty influencers shared with me.

  1. Trim your Eyebrows at least once a week

For those with bushy brow hair overgrowth, you don’t want to clump your healthy eyebrows together or give them a flat look as I have done in some photos. I use a needle nose pair of tweezers to trim my eyebrows, which doesn’t look too bad. I would definitely recommend getting a pair of tweezers if you need a more professional look.

  1. Opt for Threading

Using threading on your eyebrows, a common form of microblading, is a great alternative to filling in those sparse areas. Microblading has been very popular with celebrities for quite a while now. Please do not wax them. The wax can pore through the skin and harm your eyes.

  1. Nourish your Eyebrows Daily

Mina’s Eyebrow Nourishing Oil is made from 100% natural ingredients. It’s not silicone, petroleum-based, nor uses any other type of harsh stuff. It’s great for conditioning, nourishing, and adding volume to your hair, but also for pigmentation. All you need to do is apply some of the product to the area where you want to add volume.

Why Eyebrow Nourishing Oil by iBrow Henna

I’m not a fan of over-contouring my face with foundation and powders, but I am very prone to dark circles under my eyes. The product is made from a mix of herbs and essential nourishing oils. When I started using the product, my eyebrows felt soft and were a lot lighter than they usually are. I rubbed the Eyebrow Nourishing Oil onto my eyebrows. It not only makes them look beautiful but also makes your healthy eyebrows strong by strengthening them.

After using iBrow Henna to highlight my brows, I noticed that they have gotten thicker and fuller. They still have their imperfections, but the new thickness really does brighten my face. I used to have thin brows earlier that seemed way too skinny, but now I feel much confident. The brow nourishing oil is gentle and helps your brows thicken and become more defined.


Try out some of these tips to enhance your eyebrows for a natural and beautiful look, without going overboard. This natural, safe treatment is a really great way to add a fresh look to your eyebrows. I recommend using it only on the eyebrows and not on the entire face.

Say cheers to thicker eyebrows! And don’t forget to write your comments below.

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