How to Map Your Brows Easily

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How to Map Your Brows Easily

Both fashion and brow trends go in cycles. One day it's all about having thick, unruly brows, and the next it's all about having narrow, sculpted arches. However, eyebrow mapping has remained a common theme and is a technique used by experts to produce flawlessly formed brows (whatever that shape may be).

But it's not only a pro trick; if you enjoy DIY beauty projects, you can employ this strategy at home since, surprise, it's actually relatively simple.

What Is Brow Mapping?

When styling your brows with brow henna, brow tinting, or microblading, the technique of "brow mapping" is employed to achieve symmetry between the two brows. In order to determine the most aesthetically pleasing, even form for your face, it entails measuring your brows and eyes. Therefore, even though the method is identical for everyone, the result is ultimately wholly unique. Everything depends on the unique shape of your face and eyes. Additionally, it aids in avoiding serious mistakes like an arch that is pushed too far inwards or a brow that becomes too thin.

While it is usually suggested to get one’s brows mapped professionally, getting them mapped each time you want them to be perfectly shaped might just turn costlier on the pocket which is why Mina suggests the best possible solution for the impeccably aligned shape of your brows.

Mina Pre-Ink Charcoal Mapping Thread

The Mina Pre-Ink Charcoal Mapping Thread is specifically designed to make applying eyebrow cosmetics or microblading easier. The simplest approach to mark the brows for symmetrical, sculpted, and appealing brows is using the Mapping Thread. With the inked threads, you can draw and mark extremely exact eyebrows. With the help of the thread, you may shape your brows in the most attractive ways to best emphasize your facial characteristics.

Made with the natural element of bamboo plants, the eyebrow mapping thread has a natural nature without the use of artificial ingredients and is 20 meters in length. It suits all skin types and is cruelty-free like all other products by Mina.

How To Use?

  • Use Mina Pre-Ink Charcoal Mapping Thread to mark the beginning, arch, and end of your brow.
  • Make the brows full and arched, filling in the brows with the desirable product, like Mina Ibrow Henna.
  • After that, use a moist cotton pad to clean the area.

Benefits of Pre-Ink Charcoal Mapping Thread

  1. Absolutely no mess
    The string brow mapping improves your brow symmetry and produces effects that are very obvious. The formula is simple to use and clean, making it the preferred option among artists.
  2. A strong tensile capacity
    The 20 meters of natural bamboo charcoal thread are extremely durable and have high tensile strength. Multiple apps can be used with a single thread.
  3. Reduces time
    Considerably reduces the time spent brow mapping. Marks your brows precisely, making the tinting, microblading, and threading treatments easier and faster.
  4. Thread that's kind to skin
    It is gentle on the skin but leaves visible color marks while mapping, making it perfect for use in salons, tattoo parlors, or at home. It is a very thin string that is highly saturated with cosmetic-grade ink.

While this is easier to be used, an alternative to brow mapping is Mina White Brow Paste which makes marking your brow endings almost look seamlessly efficient. If thin-line markings aren’t your thing, use an angled brush to map your brows with the White Brow Paste.

What Is Mina White Brow Paste?

When getting henna tinting or microblading, Mina White Brow Paste is a simple-to-use paste that aids in achieving a picture-perfect brow contour. Before beginning to fill in your eyebrows with the eyebrow color, you can rapidly outline them with this brow mapping paste. Additionally, it aids in avoiding mistakes and spills during tinting. While tinting your brows with eyebrow pencils, you can also use Mina White Brow Paste.

Carnauba wax, which revitalizes the brow region, and beeswax, which hydrates and promotes eyebrow development, are the paste's main components.

Benefits of White Brow Paste

  1. A professional choice for brow mapping
    White Brow Paste
    is a favorite mapping paste of both microblading and henna tinting specialists worldwide because it is not only simple to apply but also incredibly healthy for the skin. It makes it simple to create perfectly arched, well-defined eyebrows.
  2. A delicate eyebrow paste
    Lightly adheres to the skin without making it oily and is a non-greasy, lightweight brow paste. The paste also aids in avoiding skin stains and smudges brought on by unintentional hue spills.


Brow mapping is an easy process as long as we want it to be, all you need to have is the right focus and the perfect products to get the shape you desire.

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