3 Mistakes You Are Making when Shaping Your Eyebrows

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3 Mistakes You Are Making when Shaping Your Eyebrows

Your face and your eyes stand out the most if you have sharp features. Well shaped eyebrows play the most vital role in projecting that you have sharp, stunning features.  

Natural eyebrows can be thin, thick, dark, light or plain, but, did you know that you can get them to look just the way you want with only a few eyebrow makeup hacks? 

Eyebrow shaping and eyebrow tinting is an art. This article will inform you about the top 3 most common mistakes that people do while managing the look of their eyebrows. And once you know these, you will be easily able to become the master of your own look by—understanding your facial outline, observing the growth of your eyebrow hair, and then figuring out the exact curve and length that would suit you the best. 

The top 3 most common mistakes:

  1. Over-Tweezing to Make the Eyebrows Identical

In most cases, the left eyebrow shape differs from the right one. In 90% of the people, the eyebrows are only “similar looking”, but never exactly the same—a fact that not many people know. This is why you must never over-tweeze your eyebrows to make them look identical, as it can result in thinner and ugly-looking brows. Also, you might end up spoiling the shape of your brows altogether that do not align with your face.  

Pro Tip: Tweeze only the extra hair growth from your eyebrows. If you want your brows to look the same, you can use a brow pencil, or, the best way is to go for Henna eyebrow tint.

  1. Threading Before the Complete Growth

Some people hit the salon immediately after seeing even a single outgrown brow hair falling out of their curve. Well, if that becomes a habit, undoubtedly, you are compromising with both the density and length of your eyebrows. Doing this will only end you up with two thin lines above your eyes. It will not enhance your overall beauty, but suppress it.

So, what's the solution?

If you wish to keep the density and length of your brows intact, try and opt for threading less frequently. You can use a plucker to get rid of those one or two extra strands.

 Even if there is a slight growth around your eyebrows, being messy is the new trend. If you already have thinner eyebrows, go for a fuller growth for once, and avoid threading altogether.

When you shape your eyebrows after the complete growth, you will get fuller brows.

  1. Using Excessively Dark Fillers on Your Brows

How do you choose the right eyebrow pencil color for eyebrow shaping? Do you opt for a pencil that exactly matches your hair color?

Well, if that's true, you are committing a makeup blunder. Irrespective of using an eyebrow tint or eyebrow pencil to fill your brows, you must always opt for one or two shades lighter than your original hair color.

Sketching your brows too dark makes them appear shabby and artificial.

Pro Tip: Whether you have lighter or darker color brows, go for highlighting the growth and not deepening it. Try filling a patch of your brows first, and ensure that it looks natural.

Be extra-attentive in case of eyebrow tinting, as it is a semi-permanent makeup. Once it's done, you have to deal with it for 4 to 6 weeks.

In Conclusion

Eyebrow shaping is a quick and a convenient way to go from drab to stunning, when you know the right brow shape that suits your face the most. Never be over-obsessed for cleaning them often. Decide a timeline (depending upon your brow hair growth) and never visit a salon before that. Meanwhile, plucker and tweezer can always be your friends.


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