6 Eyebrow Facts Most People Miss Out On

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6 Eyebrow Facts Most People Miss Out On

Who doesn’t like to look good? Or, picture-perfect for that matter? But did you know that you need to maintain your eyebrows too for that picture-perfect look? To understand how important eyebrows are, just close your eyes and imagine your favorite movie artist, only, this time without his or her eyebrows. Did the person look as attractive? Eyebrows play a crucial part in complimenting our beauty in many ways, and it’s high time we start paying adequate attention to it. Let’s understand the importance of these two god-gifted arches a little bit more through this article.

1.  Did you know that eyebrows reflect your health?

If you are perfectly healthy, your eyebrows will grow properly. But if you have poor growth or hair loss, it can be a sign of hyperthyroidism. Other bodily hairs are not that noticeable, but your eyebrow hairs are, and that's why eyebrows are health indicators. If anyone is rubbing their eyebrows often, it can be a sign of stress and anxiety, and it can cause eyebrow bald spots.

Pro Tip: Daily rub Mina Brow Nourishing Oil over your eyebrows just before going to bed to get strong, thick eyebrow growth naturally. An enriched blend of 5 haircare oils, this is a power punch of nutrition for your eyebrow hair you would not like to miss.

2.  Eyebrows protect you

Due to evolution of the human body, we have lost most of our hair, but our eyebrows are still here; ever wondered why? Many people think there is no use of eyebrows on human body, but that's not true. They protect our eyes from rain/water, dirt, flying objects, and other unwanted debris that can come down from our forehead.

Did you know that sweat is not good for the eyes and it can cause some harm too? Eyebrows protect you from that too, so that you can have a clear vision. We do not realize, but our eyebrows actually guard our eyes in many ways, so we can see everything more clearly in any situation.

3.  Eyebrows make communication easy

Expressing yourself is essential to survive in this world; as humans, we depend on each other, and our communications and emotions are the only ways to connect. Our eyebrows allow us to show our emotions in our conversations too.

We don't notice it, but when we talk about something or to someone, we also use our eyebrows throughout the conversation. It helps us communicate or make expressions better. We can say eyebrows help us in our non-verbal communications.

4.  Eyebrows help you stand out in a crowd 

Perfectly groomed eyebrows stand you out in a group as they play a big part in human facial structure. Many people compromise with their look because of low growth or extra hair on their eyebrows, and that's why regular grooming is important.

5.  Eyebrows make you recognizable

Did you know that if you knew someone by face, or have watched someone frequently, you’ll also be able to recognize them just by their eyebrows? You can easily identify someone by looking just at their eyebrows; as per latest research finding.

Ever wondered how someone recognizes you from under the mask in this pandemic era? It is because they can see your eyebrows.

6.  Eyebrows grow half as fast as your head hair

Did you know that the growth speed of your eyebrow hair is half that of the hair on your head? It takes almost four months for eyebrow hair to completely fall out or get completely replaced. Interestingly, they grow faster during summers and slower during winters.

Final words

After reading all these facts now, we are pretty sure that you will also start caring for your eyebrows as much, if not more, as your head’s hair. Life without eyebrows can get pretty complicated, which we certainly would not like. So, smile on with your best eyebrows on, till we meet again. Till then… happy eye rowing!



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