Take charge of your eyebrows—answering a few common questions on eyebrow tinting

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Take charge of your eyebrows—answering a few common questions on eyebrow tinting
Are you a modern-day fashionista? Then you must know all about eyebrows, and how they subtly yet dramatically modify our look. But, did you know that the human fixation with eyebrows has been centuries old? 
Starting with the beautiful queen of ancient Egypt, Nefertiti, (1360 BC) which is the earliest historical account of tinted eyebrows, many different trends have been introduced time and again by prominent women. The bushy, dark unibrows of the Romans, shaven, thin and high eyebrows from medieval China and Japan, the Elizabethian thin, arched and high eyebrows to the modern-day Hollywoodian eyebrows, we are today standing at a juncture where we can proudly say that finally, we have experimented with them all. Today, you can shape your eyebrows in whichever way you want depending upon various factors like 
  1.  Your jawline—squarish or thin
  2.  Your forehead—broad or thin
  3.  The color of your hair
  4.  The color of your eyes
  5.  Your skin complexion
  6.  The shape of your nose, and a few more, depending upon who your stylist is.
And, the good news is that no more you have to run to your stylist each time you feel like doing your eyebrows. You can acquire all the information digitally, and do it all by yourself sitting in the comfort of your home itself.
So, here’s answering a few commonly asked questions especially for those new to eyebrow tinting;

Q1. Is it worth getting eyebrows tinted?
A1. Yes! Absolutely. Eyebrows can accentuate your look in very subtle yet very dramatic ways. So, if you are a person with an active social life frequently required to make impressions for business and professional purposes, it will only do you good to give a little bit of time to grooming, shaping and coloring your eyebrows.

Q2. Does eyebrow tinting damage brows?
A2. That would depend upon the type of tint you use. If your eyebrow tint is packed with chemicals, then it would surely damage your brows. The effects could range anywhere between premature greying of eyebrow hair, dry and brittle eyebrow hair, to completely bald or patchy eyebrows. So, to avoid damages to these beautiful gifts from nature, try using a temporary tint like the eyebrow pencil, which would wash away with the slightest sweat on your forehead, or try using a natural semi-permanent tint like henna eyebrow tint.

Q3. How much does a brow tint cost?
A3. You can tint your eyebrows with temporary tints, semi-permanent tints or with permanent tints. The temporary and the semi-permanent tints do not cost much, while the permanent tints can cost you a fortune. An eyebrow pencil is a temporary tint costing around US$ 6. Henna eyebrow tint is a semi-permanent tint the complete kit of which would cost you around US$ 13. Microblading is a more permanent brow tinting process that would cost you anywhere between US$ 500 - 2000.

Q4. How often do you tint eyebrows?
A4. This would depend upon the brow tinting process you use. Eyebrow pencils last a couple of hours, so you may have to touch them up every time you watch yourself in the mirror. Henna brow tints last from 4 to 6 weeks, so monthly touch-ups would do just fine. You can do anything you want after getting a henna tint like going for a swim, shower, bath, shampoo, face wash as freely as you were earlier doing. So, also it goes for microblading, the effects of which last for about a year and a half.

Q5. Can you shower after eyebrow tinting?
A5. Eyebrow pencils wash away with the slightest touch of water. Henna ibrow Tints stay longer from 4 to 6 weeks, so you can shower immediately after. Just avoid using hard face washes for the next 24 hours. In case of microblading, shower after 48 hours to avoid the tint from getting washed away.

Q6. Does eyebrow tinting fill gaps?
A6. Yes! Eyebrow tinting, in all its forms, fills up the gaps since it is simply a deposition of color over the skin below brow hair.

Q7. What is the best eyebrow tint?
A7. The answer to this would depend upon what exactly you are looking for in your tint. If you are looking for something that is natural yet less time consuming then henna eyebrow tint would be best for you. Since a single pack of henna eyebrow tint would give you up to 30 applications, it also comes out to be pretty comfortable on the pocket.
In conclusion
Do you have more to ask on eyebrow tinting? Feel free to connect with our beauty and health experts through your comments below.
We will be back with more on this so keep glued to this space. Till then… keep communicating with your eyebrows and keep turning some heads! 😊

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