Henna - An Evolution Journey To Be Told

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Henna - An Evolution Journey To Be Told
Mehndi (henna) has always been a deeply rooted element in Indian culture. It was initially used for its cooling properties in the houses and to make the walls look beautiful. On the other hand, it was used for special occasions like weddings, fairs, festivals, etc.; women chose to treat it as a beauty product in the early days. But the question is, how early were these days? What brought henna to be used as a product of beauty? What is really the story of henna?
Origin of the ‘Mehndhika’

Mehendi (henna) is term originated from the Sanksrit word, mehndhika. Known for the cooling edge and the tattoo effect it leaves behind, henna was an invention of the Indus Valley civilization at an early age.

The first evidence of henna was shown from 3300 BC to 1300 BC, when the people of the civilization, precisely the women used henna to draw patterns and art on the walls and pottery material. This was further used on the skin because as an agent of nature, it never had any side effects. It was used in the rawest of forms to color the skin too as it left behind a shade of red that would amplify the beauty of a woman. But that was not all, because henna has traveled places just like it has today.

The Egyptians Had Something To Color Too

Amidst the love that Indus Valley shared for henna, the fragrance of the plant reached the Egyptian world as they used henna for their religious ceremonies and art in 5000 BC. It grew more beloved in the reign of Queen Cleopatra, who was an epitome of beauty. Her charm was mystic and undeniably the best thing to onlook back in 51 BC. She chose to amplify her beauty by using henna to tattoo her body with intricate and distinct designs.

As Henna Travelled Back To India…

The ‘Maharajas’ and their ‘raj mahals’ had a love for henna that was celebrated with every auspicious and happy occasion. Not only was it a way of beautification but was also a marking of celebration. Be it festivals, weddings, fairs, or just a happy moment, women would choose to tattoo their hands with henna in unison. This eventually traveled to the feet too, as weddings were marked by mehendi nights that made the bride and all her bridesmaids adorn their hands and feet with the auspicious elements of henna. This is a ritual that is followed across the world originating from the hardcore love of henna from India.

The Henna You & I Know Today…

Turning out to be a trend in the current pop culture around the world. Gwen Stefani, before Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, was known for her outrageous fashion trends and sporting henna tattoos on her hand, shoulders, neck, and lower back, while even Beyonce, Madonna, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and a lot more international celebrities have been in awe of the art which is why we chose to twist the call for you.

Mina Ibrow Henna - A Twist To The Tale Of Henna

While the story of beautification via henna was confined to the hand, body, and feet; Mina iBrow Henna built up on what existed and introduced brow henna to tint your brows in the shade you desire.

Mina is a term used for a joyful, determined, and confident woman in Indian culture and that’s what we wish to offer to you too with bold brows, and a die-for look to amplify your beauty.

In the contemporary world, Mina iBrow Henna works tirelessly to offer its valued customers a natural alternative to tint your brows. A henna-based eyebrow tinting experience served across the globe, just for you lasts up to 6 weeks and saves you the everyday hassle with your brows pencils.

Amid the heart of nature, near the beautiful lower foothills of the Himalayas, in Shoghi, Shimla (India), is where our production facility is situated. We choose to serve a natural alternative to chemical tint that helps to have a fuller, thicker and denser look to your brows.

Bringing it from the best source of henna, India holds a 5000 years old history that begins with the use of henna for body, hands, and hair while we bring it to you for a tattoo-like effect to your brows and that’s what you need to look out for with us.

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