7 Insanely Easy Ways to Get the Best Brows of Your Life

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7 Insanely Easy Ways to Get the Best Brows of Your Life

1. Don't over pluck your brows

This might seem obvious to you, but let me just quickly give you a tip. One of the best ways to get the coolest brows of your life is to leave them alone. Yes, tweezers and pluckers are excellent for getting rid of extra hairs here and there, but they aren't your best options for using regularly for your brow.

Tweeze your brows from far away —you don't have to do any actual shaping, just grab hairs that are out of place or a few extra hairs. Over-plucking is basically done when you pull out your tweezers, so use them with caution.

2. Choosing the right eyebrow products

There are so many options in the market when it comes to eyebrow products these days, which is why it's super important to make sure you're using the right product. Firstly, you have to think about your goals. Are you trying to fill in sparse spots and add definition, or are you looking for some transformation? Grab a professional henna brow kit and a brow tint brush. Don't be too afraid to play around and mix and try a few products, there's no right or wrong, so just focus on finding the best product for you.

3. Keep the tail of your brow up to the mark

Over-brushing or over-coloring will give an over-extended and droopy effect to the tail of your brows. Your eyebrows naturally stop at a particular point that lifts your face in a certain shape and you have to maintain that to get that perfect angle. To measure your tail points, place a brow pencil or Brow Tint Brush diagonally at your nose tip and line it up with the side of your eye. Where the pencil or brush hits the eyebrow bone is exactly where the tail point is.

4. Give your brows perfect shape

Big and highlighted brushed-up brows are in trend these days; we are not referring to that type of particular look. What we want to convey here is that even a little groomed and shaped brow can really give a nice and groomed structure to your face. Don't have time to see a brow expert? Use Henna Brow Kit at home for a natural brow shape and tweeze any extra hairs that fall outside of that shape for perfect arches.

 5. Avoid using the highlighter below your brows—instead use a concealer

Using a highlighter for outlining your brows with a brow tint brush can result in too much brow makeup on your arches. Instead, opt for a one-shade lighter concealer than your skin tone to brighten up your brow area in a natural way.

6. Properly blend in your product

This is one very important step in creating natural-looking brows. An easy way to fill in your brows is by drawing a perfect angled line under your eyebrows at its start with a brow pencil, and then using a brow tint brush to diffuse it up into your brows. You have to be really cautious and remember to blend it entirely or else it will look too harsh. 

7. Try mixing your brow colors

If you choose a wrong color to fill in your brows it is another way you can make your brows look too dark and highlighted. Do you struggle to find the perfect shade for your brows? Try using two different henna brow kit shades to fill in your brows. Mix them up and apply them carefully.

Choosing the best colour and style for your brows is totally your own choice. You can try different shades, different products and also can try mixing two shades to get that perfect brow.

Do you still have a query? Talk to our beauty experts through your comments below and we will solve all of them. Till then!

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