Eyebrow Tinting Brush

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  • Makes the Ibrow Henna application process easy and hassle-free.
  • Helps to give proper color to the eyebrows.
  • Defines the eyebrows with the perfect finish.
  • Helps to Fill in the Ibrow Henna color properly


The Ibrow Henna Brush is a useful tool for the professionals to give the customers eyebrows a perfect look and fill in the color properly. This also defines the eyebrows and makes the application easy and fast. It helps to give you an intense color with the perfect finishing look in your eyebrows.

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  • How Can I pre-cleanse the brows?

    You can use Eyebrow Cleanser

  • What is the purpose of the angled shape?

    It helps in depositeding henna perfectly in brows.

  • Can I use the Brush to mark the outline also?


  • Where to hold it from- the tip or the edge?

    From the middle

  • Can I use it to apply white paste?


  • What is the purpose of angled shape?

    This fills henna better.

  • Is ths hairs of the brush is hard or soft?


  • Can we use this brush with eyebrow pencils or eyebrow palette?

    Yes, you can.

  • Can it be used in eyebrow makeup?


  • Is it for outlining or filling?

    It is for applying brow henna on brows.

  • will it really helps to give proper colour to my eyebrows?

    It helps in applying henna on brows.

  • How to use this brush?

    It's a simple brush for eyebrow.

  • Can we use for eyebrows only?

    You can use it for facial work.

  • Can I use this brush to fill in eyebrow pencil?

    Yes, you can use.

  • How should we wash the brush after use?

    You can easily wash with water.

  • How wide is the brush?

    7 mm

  • Is it thin enough to make hair-like lines for your eyebrows??


  • Can we mix the henna paste using the brush?


  • Is this product cruelty-free?


  • This is for only professional or personal use also?

    For both.

  • Is it sharp? Can it line up the eyebrow?


  • Is this brush ok to wash with soap and water?


  • Is the brush stiff?

    Nylon bristles for its longivity. Optimum size for using on brows.

  • Is it for one-time use or can be reused?

    You can reuse it.

  • What quality material it is made of?

    Brush with long-lasting nylon threads.