Can Nourishing Your Brows with Oil Really Give You Those Fuller Thicker Eyebrows?

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Can Nourishing Your Brows with Oil Really Give You Those Fuller Thicker Eyebrows?

Are you looking for an eyebrow thickening solution?

You are at the right place. We will discuss in detail about eyebrow nourishing oil and its benefits, but it’s hard to tell when and how putting nourishing oil on your eyebrows became a trend.

A lot of importance these days has been given to brow-boosting. According to the latest beauty trends these days, set by different bloggers and vloggers all over the world, nourishing your brows with oil conditions, strengthens and thickens your eyebrows.

Eyebrow nourishing oil comes rich in a number of vitamins. People are trying different products these days to get those luscious-looking brows. Some people prefer massaging oil into their brows on an every-night basis as part of their skin care regime while others apply twice a week and leave it on for a couple of hours.

How to use Nourishing Oil for Thickening Eyebrows?

Follow these simple steps to see if the Nourishing Oil treatment works for your brows.

1. Exfoliate your brows first

Removal of dead skin for better and faster absorption of skin care products is really essential. You give nourishing oil, the skin on which it can perform at its best.

2. Pick the right nourishing oil

There are several products in the market that contain additives that may irritate your skin. For lower chances of reactions and maximum effectiveness stick to products that are made with the most advanced formulae that will keep your skin and hair safe.

  1. Combine with other brow-boosting ingredients

If you are not convinced with only the nourishing oil, try to mix it with other ingredients such as honey. Honey offers an extra nourishment burst and hydration when mixed with oil.

  1. Massage into your brows

Firstly, decide whether to apply the oil twice a day (morning and evening) or only once at night. Then maintain that schedule. Take a clean sponge or a brush and gently apply a small amount of oil onto your brows. Pouring oil on fingertips and massaging brows for a few minutes is also a method of oil application. After a couple of hours, clean off the nourishing oil with any makeup remover if you have oily skin. You can also leave the nourishing oil to soak it in overnight for better results. Only after consistently applying it for weeks will you notice any difference.

  1. Don’t touch

For best results let the oil do its thing. Avoid touching your brows too often. You should avoid touching nearby brow areas also to reduce the chances of irritation and dirt accumulation from your fingers.

Why it’s used

We don't have many studies that prove that nourishing oil works wonders for eyebrow growth. But Mina Eyebrow Nourishing Oil does have a house full of nutrients and a mixture of different oils such as sweet almond oil, castor oil, argan oil, rosemary oil and geranium oil that powerfully boost eyebrow hair health, strengthens blood circulation and thickens eyebrows.

Is it safe?

Yes, absolutely! User reviews online indicate that you can safely put Mina Eyebrow Nourishing Oil on your brows. But there are a few things you should remember. Oil, when applied to oily skin, clogs the pores, leading to breakouts. So if you have oily skin then you should limit the oil application. Also, use an organic micellar water to remove the oil after.

If the skin area around your brows is super-sensitive it may cause irritations or redness. So, before applying, do a 48-hour patch test behind your ears or on your forearms. If no redness or rashes appear then freely use the product.

And, the most important thing goes without saying—make sure you apply the oil properly so that it doesn’t get in or around your eyes.


If you are thinking of trying some home brow remedies they may or may not work.

But thankfully, Mina Eyebrow Nourishing Oil is a mixture of several organic oils which are pretty safe to stick to. Just make a commitment for daily application to see a visible difference.

And please remember that no matter how magical the product is there’s always a chance that eyebrow growth may never happen. If that’s the case, the best option would be to visit a dermatologist for professional brow advice.

Do comment below to add your bit to this conversation. We love to hear from our lovely readers.

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