How to Get those Perfect Brows that could Mini-Lift your Face Instantly

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How to Get those Perfect Brows that could Mini-Lift your Face Instantly

Eyebrows bring balance and fine dimension to the face and eyes. They also lift up the entire look if eyebrow grooming steps are taken in the right direction. But finding the perfect eyebrow grooming process feels like it could take a lifetime. From eyebrow tinting, waxing, threading, plucking and everything in between, our eyebrows are but two small arches that are the most fundamental beauty features we have on our faces.

Just as each one of us has unique fingerprints, so do we have unique eyebrows too? We are all born with a unique set of eyebrows that fits only the face they are on, and no other. Knowing the right eyebrow shape, therefore, that would lift your face naturally becomes utmost important to make you look effortlessly cool and polished. But if you choose to go only for a makeup eyebrow lift, choosing the best eyebrow tinting products becomes crucial as well.

So, before picking up that henna brow tint or any makeup technique for eyebrow grooming, you must begin with mapping your eyebrows. First, find out where exactly your eyebrows should start. Then, to find out exactly where your arch is, measure a straight diagonal line from the outside of your nose to the middle of your eyes. On projecting this line further you will get to know exactly where the middle of your arch lies. Finally, to know the ends of your brows, measure a similar straight line from the outside of your nose to the corner of your eyes. Project this line further and spot the ends of your brows.

Here are some techniques in detail on how to mini-lift your eyebrows:

1.   Add volume and texture

Adding texture and volume to your eyebrows is the most basic way to maintain eyebrows, so the tip is to choose an organic eyebrow color for eyebrow tinting. Start with a finely milled brow tint, like Mina henna brow coloring palette. Choose a shade that’s a little lighter than your brow hair. Use a brow brush to apply the henna color streaks on a few hair strands, like in areas that lack natural volume and texture or depth of color.

  1. Style your brow hair upwards

This is the most natural way to lift your look with super-arched brows. Style your eyebrows with eyebrow gel or spoolie brushing in upward direction. Use a strong, flexible and a clear brow gel to bring about this naturally lifted look in your eyebrows. But this look would not suit every individual or would not be preferred by everyone.

  1. Frame your brows with a concealer

One way to give that instant lift to eyebrows is to frame them with a correct shade concealer. A concealer can be applied even if you tint your brows while applying the makeup. Using a concealer can give that extra advantage to set the unwanted traces around your eyebrows, and blend them with the right shade of makeup sponge or a foundation brush. Concealer application would highlight all the right places while helping in sustaining your perfect eyebrow shape.

  1. Highlight the base

Using right highlighting products and applying them in the right direction exactly under the brow is perfect for a soft touch of radiance, but the most important thing to keep in mind is how much is too much when it comes to highlighting brows for upliftment? Using an illuminating shade or liquid highlighter under the highest arch curve is a perfect way to add highlights. Adding highlighting techniques for eyebrow grooming is a natural way to uplift brows.


Adding an instant henna brow tint will naturally and softly lift your brows. Use the most appropriate eyebrow tinting process that is easily doable by softly filling in your marked arches, giving it a finer definition, or simply apply a henna tint that makes your arch look slightly higher than where it naturally sits. Henna tint lasts upto six weeks and would not require any other technique to uplift brows even during makeup application so it would save a lot of your time, effort and money.

Have any more queries that need to be solved? Talk to us with your comments below and our beauty experts will get in touch with you. Till then, happy tinting!

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