How to Use Eyebrow Henna

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How to Use Eyebrow Henna

No matter, what color you have of your eyebrow but picking the eyebrow color can flaunt your looks giving them a significant color boost stunning your looks.

Mina IBrow Henna is the semi-permanent eyebrow color that not only gives you party-ready brows like eyebrow pencil does but wakes you up beautiful as natural-looking.

That’s why nowadays women are addictive to the henna tinting process to cut their hassles of doing brow every day and adore the permanent natural-looking Beauty.

Besides waterproof & swimming proof, it will enhance the appearance of your eyebrows and make them look fuller & bolder.  It’s amazing what a different pair of sharply darker eyebrows can make in the structure of your face. Best among all is that it is time-saving, appealing and fun to use.

Let's Start

How to Use Eyebrow henna Step 1
Brow Cleaning
How to Use Eyebrow henna Step 2
Cleansing of Brows

How to Use Eyebrow henna Step 4

 Brow Nourishment with nourishing oil

How to Use Eyebrow henna Step 5
Before After
Before After Mina ibrow Henna

What Color Suits you

  • We suggest buying one shade lighter than your skin tone

Professional Stater Kit

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