Is Eyebrow Threading Painful? What Does It Feel Like?

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Is Eyebrow Threading Painful? What Does It Feel Like?

The answer to the question about whether the eyebrow threading is painful depends on several factors. Generally, women or girls going for the threading process for the first time will experience the pain. But, if you do it on a regular basis, the pain will easily go away. The henna eyebrow tint from MINA – Ibrow henna will give your eyebrow a wonderful look.

People with very dense hair can feel the pain as well. But, the beauticians from professional salon can easily help you in this. They have an experienced hand which plucks the eye brows in such a way that it will not hurt.

How do you feel when eyebrow threading takes place?

There are people who use the technique of waxing to remove hair from different parts of the body. But, the hairs over and side of the eyebrows are something very delicate. Rather if you pluck a single wrong hair from your eyebrows, the entire shape of eye brows will become spoil.

The expert eyebrow threading experts rolls the thread and makes it twisted to catch hold of particular eyebrow hairs. Once the hair is in root, the beautician plugs it right from the root. As soon as your plucking is done, you will feel clean and well shaped eye brows. You can also use the henna eyebrow tint to make your brows look much more attractive.

When can eyebrow plucking painless?

eyebrow plucking

None of us wish to face the pain. May it be physical or mental pain, both should be avoided. Right now we are looking for a solution when the eyebrow plucking can be painless. The easiest way of getting this activity painless on your skin will be applying powder just before you start the activity. Also, some professionals make this a regular practice as they don’t want their clients to get hurt.

Another way of getting the threading painless will be through the regular practice. If you can do this regularly, after a month or 15 days the pain will automatically go away. In fact your skin will become used to this activity. As a result, you won’t face the pain again. If you wish to look gorgeous after the plucking is done, apply henna eyebrow tint right away. The color of your eye brow will change. Rather, you will look very different.

Comparison of pain between waxing and threading

waxing and threading

You can remove the unwanted hair above your brows in number of ways. One of the ways will be through waxing. But, it is tedious process when it is placed over the eye brows. You don’t know whether and extra hair can go away with your wax. But, the pain is less. But, the threading on the other hand will focus on each hair separately. Thus, there is very little chance that a wrong hair will plug away. Also, if it does it will be done in 1-2 quantity. Thus, the damage will be very less. The henna eyebrow tint from MINA – Ibrow henna comes with quality.

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