7 Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Eyebrows

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7 Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows can be shaped or waxed. We admire those well-groomed brows and congratulate ourselves for carrying those perfect brows. We generally attach ourselves to the compliments we receive because they look so naturally fantastic. And then we made the game-changing decision to tint eyebrows. Who knew semi-permanent henna dye for eyebrows could define them so much better? How it enhances and levels up the brow game, which had us kicking ourselves for not trying this beauty treatment earlier. Why try henna eyebrow tinting? Here we explain.

Some Amazing and Informative Reasons on Why You Should Tint your Brows

  • Fixes over plucking issues easily: Plucking just requires a tweezer but it can be dangerous. Many a time leaving behind sparseness in the eyebrows. So, rather than regretting last night’s tweeze-happy incident, again and again, and looking at your over-tweezed eyebrows through the magnifying mirror, henna eyebrow tinting works like a great fix that helps prevent over-plucking.
  • Solves eyebrow lightening: Henna eyebrow tint is a great solution if you notice that your brows have become lighter. Many factors contribute towards eyebrow lightening, such as age, or if you’re often outdoors playing continuously in dirt and dust. Eyebrow tinting will immediately make your brows appear well-groomed and thicker.
  • Helps in eyebrow enhancing: Henna eyebrow tint enhances and highlights the brows. Its effects last for as long as a few weeks, changing the way you look.
  • Makes you look natural: Henna dye for eyebrows coloring gives the brows a more subtle and bold look, both at the same time, according to the color we choose to apply. It turns out to look more natural than even the makeup pencil.
  • Beautifully defines a minimalist look: To add more to the previous point, henna eyebrow tint sets the eyebrows to look minimalistic ally elegant. Meaning, no overdoing of the eye-makeup, setting you up with just a few basic eye makeup materials.
  • Saves time: Adding a henna eyebrow tint to your grooming list would save a lot of time in the morning. You won’t need to spend painful hours touching up your eyebrows to perfection every morning. You just apply it once and you are all set to look impeccable for at least a month and a half. Henna dye for eyebrows are also sweat-proof, smudge-proof and rain-proof. What more can anyone want?
  • Easy process: Brow tinting becomes quick and like a breeze with henna eyebrow kit, as it comes with easy instructions.

How To Remove Henna Eyebrow Tint

Just in case after trying out the henna eyebrow tint you get bored or tired with a particular color of your eyebrow tint and decide to remove or change them, there is nothing to worry about. The removal of the henna tint only involves a basic cotton wool or pad and a natural oily makeup remover. Firstly, apply the natural oily makeup remover on your henna tint eyebrows using a cotton pad, repeat the same process until the tint on the brows becomes lighter.

And, Last but not the Least

Good to know—go to beauty expert blogs or videos to learn henna eyebrow tinting at home safely and effectively. This is an extremely important step. Plus, the second most important step is selecting the correct henna dye for eyebrows that would perfectly suit your face and serve as the ideal tint to best complement your skin tone. We have written extensively on these topics too. Keep following our blog posts, keep getting enlightened with more and more knowledge, keep looking better each day.

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