How to Make Eyebrow Henna Tattoo Last All Month Long?

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How to Make Eyebrow Henna Tattoo Last All Month Long?

Eyebrows have become a great trendsetter and a beauty obsession for women worldwide—however, the pressure of attempting to draw a perfect arch each and every time can be frustrating, not to mention, time-consuming. Women, nowadays, have increasingly begun tattooing their brows considering it to be an effortless and easy solution for eyebrow beauty maintenance. And what can be better than a natural tattooing solution for this?

Henna eyebrow tattooing can instantly change your eyebrow grooming game forever. Even if you have no eyebrow hair or lighter eyebrow hair, henna tint would work out best for you being a natural tinting solution.

But, before you race to your nearest store to choose your henna eyebrow tint, here are a few things that you must always keep in mind.

  1. Prepare yourself before jumping to buy

Preparing yourself with adequate knowledge about henna tint applications is the first thing that you need to do before you buy your henna eyebrow tint. Start scouring for information from the internet for this. Look for natural henna for eyebrows that comes with all natural ingredients. Keep a sharp eye out for spotting those added chemicals and look out for proper ingredient labeling. Also, notice their application techniques carefully. Application of natural henna tint will be minimally invasive and virtually painless, and most importantly it will also last long. It’s important to consider your skin type and skin allergies as well. However, if you still feel uncomfortable after reading all of the above, then take it as a sign that you’re not super ready to receive one.

If you do feel comfortable with henna tint, the next step would be to compose all your queries, make a list and start searching. Writing down your questions in detail and concerns about the process or product will help in tackling everything with ease during the actual application process.

  1. Your henna eyebrows will lighten considerably after the first week

After the first henna tint application if the color of the final brows comes out to be too dark don’t panic. Generally, hair coloring settles within a week. They will look darker during the first few days. Basically the first three days will be the darkest days, where your eyebrows will look the darkest. By day four and five those little discolorations will start to fall off and by days seven and eight you can actually see the real result. Trust the natural coloring process and follow the aftercare instructions very carefully.

  1. Most people require two sessions to get their ideal brow

Application of henna tint at home, many times, may require on an average two application sessions. Henna at home may lead to minor imperfections after the first session, which will need re-filling and re-considering after the wash. You may also require a second application. Many may also have to come back for their next henna tint application on the fourth week itself for a little touch-up depending on their skin type. In some people the skin may push out a bit of ink, while in some the hair strokes may not come out as full and saturated as you would want them to be.


Typically, a henna tint for eyebrows tattooing will last for more than a month if you apply it as per the instructions. And so, to make it a bit easier for you, we have decided to empower you with our expert guide on henna eyebrow tinting. Just ask with your comments below and our beauty expert will guide you through to achieve that perfect natural henna eyebrow tint most effortlessly. Till then, happy eyebrowing!

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