How To Line Up Your Brows Correctly And Avoid Mistakes

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How To Line Up Your Brows Correctly And Avoid Mistakes

Getting our eyebrows to the point of Insta-worthy rather than cringe-worthy may be an enormous minefield due to our teenage propensity to overpluck, the sea of perplexing eyebrow products out there, and our complete lack of artistic skill.

Don't even get us started on the intended shape of them. Are brows that are straight so fashionable but so unflattering? Or are arching a 2019 thing?

What are the most typical brow errors that people commit? Too many people are overdoing their brows. They believe that more is better, so they allow their brows' tails to end lower than their bulb, which can actually age people since a higher brow helps you look more awake and fresh. Because of this, it is not a good fit for their face shape, so we advise taking a step back and considering what would be.

How should I properly style my eyebrows? Look below.

1. The Block

What went wrong for you…

Blocky, square fronts, also referred to as the "scouse brow," are the antithesis of an eyebrow that looks natural. Never fail to use one of those stencils for your brows!

How to do it correctly...

Use a fine-tipped nib and delicate strokes while applying eyeliner with your free hand while resting your elbow on a table.

2. C'mon! It's "Tadpole"

What went wrong for you...

Okay, so the tadpole brow, so named because it resembles that large, squirmy creature you may encounter in a pond, is typically trend-driven. Due to Kate Moss, you might be stuck with this brow if you were a teenager in the 1990s. Anyone can tell when their brow has too much weight at the front and a thin tail at the back. It's an unnatural balance that frequently makes the brows the wrong kind of face's primary focal point.

How to do it correctly...

Check to determine if your brow hair is still growing as a starting point. You must be gone for roughly six weeks in order to accomplish this. It's annoying but so worthwhile.

To encourage fuller-looking brows, try using a Mina Brow Conditioning Cleanser morning and night. If everything else fails, it might be worthwhile to try microblading, but if you're thinking about it, do your research first as it is surely an expensive alternative to brow henna.

3. Prolonged

What went wrong for you...

This occurs when the brow's tail protrudes too far into the temple region of the face, which frequently creates a drooping appearance.

How to do it correctly...

Use soft, feathery strokes to simulate the appearance of natural hairs when filling in the brow. Line your Mina Brow Brush from the place where the nostril meets the bridge of your nose to the outside of your eye.

4. Short? Isn't it?

What went wrong for you...

This is most likely a result of aging rather than a personal failing on your part. We frequently lose the tail of the brow as we age. Men's brows never stop growing, whereas our brows get thinner. However, men's nose and ear hair never stops growing. (I am aware of my preference.)

How to do it correctly...

The simplest method is to use henna for brows to fill in your brows. This sticks to both the skin and the hair, giving you a finish that looks natural and volumized. Take a makeup brush and place it against the corner of the nose to determine where the eyebrow should terminate. Then, prolong the brow until it reaches that point. Your cheekbones will look higher and your face will look more balanced if you do this.

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