Eyebrow Cleanser

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  • Removes all traces of makeup.
  • Gentle on skin
  • Free from chemicals like Parabens and SLES.
  • Nourishes and conditions your eyebrows and skin.


Mina Brow Conditioning Cleanser is a product that deep cleanses your eyebrows and eyelashes. This removes all traces of makeup. It can be used for eyebrow tinting treatment this removes the extra product or dirt from the eyebrows. The formula is very light and gentle in use does not cause any damage to your skin. It is free from parabens and SLES. This does not only cleans the makeup or dirt but also nourishes and deep conditions the skin, eyelashes & eyebrows. A great brow conditioning cleanser.

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  • will it helps to remove all makeup or only eye makeup?

    This is for eyebrows.

  • Will it remove the stains on skin occurred during tinting?

    Yes, you can also try our stain remover for this purpose.

  • Can it be used to wipe eyebrow pencils?


  • Eyebrow pencils are hard to wash with soaps? Can I use this Instead of soap?

    Yes. This is great for brows cleansing

  • I am 21, Can I use the product?


  • Can I use the cleanser before waxing?

    Yes, you can.

  • Can we use it regularly?


  • Is it sulphate free?

    Yes. It is sulphate free

  • How many times the cleanser can be used in a day?

    Just follow these details on how to use it.

  • When to use the cleanser in the tinting process, before or after tinting?

    Before - Clean the eyebrow with Cleanser to remove dirt using a cotton pad.

  • Can it be used to wipe eye makeup?

    It just cleans them

  • Can we use the cleanser on tinted brows?

    Yes, it just cleans them.

  • Can we use it on tinted brows? Will this fades the tint?

    Yes, u can. It will not lighten but just cleans them.

  • Does it have any chemicals or soap/alkali?

    No harmful ingredients. It's soap-free.

  • Can we use it for makeup removal?

    Yes..you can.

  • Is it foam-based or cream-based?

    It's oil-based.

  • Can we use it regularly to cleanse daily dirt from eyebrows and then apply nourishing oil before bed? Will this help grow natural eyebrows thick?

    Yes..you clean with cleanser and use nourishing oil. Oil makes the brows thicker.

  • Hi, what are the full ingredients of the brow cleanser?

    Ingredients of Eyebrow Cleanser :- Sweet almond oil, Castor oil, Argon oil, Rosemary oil & Geranium oil