Eyebrow Nourishing Oil 10ml

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  • Strengthen eyebrow hairs and prevent them from shedding.
  • Makes eyebrows thick and gives a fuller look.
  • Conditions the eyebrows.
  • 100% natural oil
  • Thickens your eyebrows.


The Mina Brow Nourishing oil is a natural product that gives nourishment to your eyebrows. This make your eyebrows fuller. It not only makes them look beautiful but also make your eyebrows strong by strengthening them. The essential oils like Almond oil, castor oil, Argan oil, Rosemary oil and geranium oil gives your eyebrows the entire amount of nourishment it requires. Castor oil promotes the growth of your eyebrows and preserves their shape for a long time. For best results can be used at night time as the oil will stay for a longer period while sleeping and will be more effective. Apply this daily and get your desired eyebrows. This comes in two sizes one is 10 ml that is a roll on bottle and can be used by anyone easily. The another is of 30 ml which is a bottle that has dropper and can be used by professionals. The formula is same in both.

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  • I have ruff eyebrows? Will it help to soften the brow hairs?

    YES., it helps.

  • when to use the oil in the process of eyebrow tinting, before or after tinting?

    After tinting. Kindly go through this link to know our detail how to use mina ibrow henna

  • Is this to promote eyebrow hair growth or to prevent grey hair?

    It works great on growing the brows.

  • I haven’t used any product on my eyebrows, Is it safe for the new user, does the oil have any chemicals?

    It's 100% natural and organic.

  • Will this oil helps in natural eyebrow growth?

    Yes..it helps in growing brows and make them thicker.