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Nothing frames the face and facial expressions like eyebrows. Mina developed eyebrow tinting and caring products. Design ideally in a way that is easy to use for both Professionals and Self- Caring Persons. Provide you a complete package of the eyebrow care and nourishment products.

Mina products categorized ideal to create the naturally thick brows that just need a little control and also for the thin brows that need extra care. The vegan formula incorporates ingredients such as fresh & organic plant flowers and nuts or botanical oils to nourish brows while holding them in place all day. Light-weight products, easy to carry and use.

Mina IBrow Henna doesn’t contain ammonia, lead and any other harmful chemical, this assembles only with natural ingredients while considering best results-“We Serve Quality Over Quantity”.

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Finding the right partners in a new market is a major challenge many companies experience. We are searching the same, we have different criteria for bulk purchasing marketers. If you want to do the business with us, E-mail Us @ We Welcome You with Open Arms”. Our Objective is to provide top-notch superior quality products for all brow artists out there, who want to create henna tattoo eyebrows. And for the models and self-caring persons who want to enhance their beauty with Stunning, Bold and Well-Groomed Dark Brows.

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