Medium Brown Eyebrow Henna

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    Natural & Safe Brow Henna

    No Hassle

    Enjoy the freedom. No daily struggle for a perfect set of brows anymore.  Apply Mina Ibrow Henna tint once and enjoy its effect for up to 6 weeks. Save on your precious time and wasted energy, every day.

    Easy to Use

    In 3 simple steps (once in 6 weeks approx) get a perfect set of eyebrows that’s defined, distinctive and simply beautiful. 1) Make a paste with water 2) Apply it & 3) Wipe it off after 20 minutes. Much simpler than daily application of any eye brow Pencil.

    Cost per Application

    A 12 $ pack for 30 applications. So 12$ / 30 applications = 40 cents per applications. What else could be a better value for money?

    Waterproof & Smudge-proof

    A tattoo like effects on skin stay for 6 days and On eyebrows, gives thicker,fuller brow looks stays for 6 weeks.Mina ibrow HennaTint is Free from harmful chemicals, waterproof and smudge-proof.

    Extra Safe

    No Ammonia, No Heavy Metals and only made out of pure Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Henna. That guarantees safety at every stage. Mina ibrow Henna extra caution has been taken for making it Extra Safe.

    Different Shades

    8 Amazing shades include lighter to a darker shade of tints for more Beautiful to Sassy eyebrow looks. Mina tint has shades for every skin and hair tone.

    What's in the Box 

    3 henna sachet
      Measuring Cup
    Bottle to keep leftover
    Instruction leaflet

    How to Use

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    Ask a Question
    • How much water do you add to the henna?

      We provide dropper with the Ibrow henna pack it will help in avoiding excess water mixing with the mina henna brow powder.
      You need to mix few drops of water /Mina rose water with the mina Ibrow henna powder (as per the requirement) and make a creamy paste to apply on the brows.

    • I want to draw my eyebrows. Is it skin-friendly?


    • How can I tint in a definite shape?

      Using Mina Eyebrow Stencils

    • How to naturally grow my eyebrows?

      Mina Eyebrow Nourishing Oil

    • What to use to maintain the shine of the tinted product?

      Mina brow nourishing oil

    • Can I tattoo eyebrows on the skin using the tint?

      Yes..u can

    • Can I tattoo eyebrows on the skin using the tint?

      Yes..u can

    • Can I use it directly to the skin? How long it stays on the skin?

      Please do patch test before applying it. Stays up to 6 weeks on eyebrow hair.

    • How can I cleanse my eyebrows before tinting?

      Through Eyebrow Cleanser

    • How can I take good care of my tinted brows to prolong its effects? Any particular cleanser or moisturizer recommended?

      Brow nourishing oil is great..

    • I am 57, Can I use the tint? Will it help to cover white brow hair?

      Yes..of course.

    • What Can I use with the tint to prolongs its effects?

      Mina Eyebrow Nourishing Oil

    • I have dry skin, is there any oil mixed in the tint for the nourishment? else I’ll get my skin dry.

      You use brow nourishing oil after henna.

    • My eyebrow growth is very low. is this helps to increasing my eyebrow growth?

      It helps to color the eyebrows, for eyebrow growth you can use our Eyebrow Nourishing Oil .

    • Does it gives perfect look to my eyebrows?

      Yes, it gives awesome looks.

    • Is this Chemical free or not?

      It's Ammonia and lead free.

    • is this water proof or not?

      It's water proof.

    • does it tint my eyebrows?

      Yes. absolutely.

    • is this waterproof? How long it stays on brows?

      Yes, it is WATERPROOF & SMUDGE-PROOF , stays up to 6 weeks on eyebrow hair.

    • List of ingredients brown and dark brown henna

      It Contains:- Sodium Perb Carbonate,Cellulose gum, Henna(Lawsonia Inermis) Leaf Powder, Citric acid, Magnesium sulphate, Silica powder, Para Phenylenediamine, Sodium lauryl sulphate,Para Amino Phenol, 4-Chloro Resorcinol, 4- Amino-2-Hydroxytoluene ,1-Naphthol,Aloe Vera( Aloe Barbadensis) Leaf Powder & Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) oil.

    • Does it tint the skin?


    • Can it dye the eyebrow skin to fill gaps?


    • Is this latex free?

      Yes, mina IBrow henna is latex-free.

    • how long does the color in the eyebrows last?

      Mina Ibrow Henna lasts up-to 6 weeks.

    • Is this cruelty free?

      Yes, Mina Eyebrow Henna is Cruelty Free.

    • Can this also be used to tint eyelashes?

      Many customers are using it. Be Careful while using.