Natural Henna Tint for Eyebrows

  • Long last up-to 6 weeks.
  • EU approved.
  • Available in 8 colours
  • Also Color the skin for darker look.
  • Easy to use - just add a couple of drops of water to the Henna powder to make a paste.
  • No ammonia - No lead.
  • Water-proof and smudge-proof.

Professional Henna Brow Kit (8 Colors of IBrow Henna, Brow Conditioning Cleanser & Brow Nourishing Oil)

This Starter kit can color up-to 200 to 240 eyebrow...

$136.50 $74.99

Medium Brown Henna Eyebrow Kit

Quick Overview Spot Coloring with a great medium brown coverage...


Light Brown Henna Tinting Kit

Quick Overview Spot light brown coloring effects Amazing tattoo effects Considered...


Black Henna Tinting Kit

Quick Overview Gives spot coloring with tattoo effects Is capable...


Dark Brown Henna Tinting Kit

Quick Overview Smooth, dark brown eyebrows Deep coloration with the...


Eyebrow Henna Tint Black Refill Pack

Features: Gives your eyebrows a natural black colour Ammonia and...


Eyebrow Nourishing Oil 30 ml

Features: Strengthen eyebrow hairs and prevent them from shedding. Makes...


Eyebrow Cleanser

Features: Removes all traces of makeup. Gentle on skin Free...


Eyebrow Henna Tint Dark Brown Refill Pack

Features: Gives an admirable dark brown colour. Does not contain...


Burgundy Henna Tinting Kit

Quick Overview Beautiful burgundy spot coloring for eyebrows Amazing tattoo...