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Mina ibrow Henna Black Tint is thedarkest and beautiful shade of tint compliments almost every skin tone. People who want their brows look naturally dark can pick the Mina ibrow Henna Black Tint without thinking twice. Mina tint is a natural henna based tint assembles with No Ammonia, No lead thus gentle &safe to use. Also, the impacts of tint will last for 4-6 weeks longer than the eyebrow pencil. Mina ibrow Henna TintPack is sufficient for up to 30 brow sets applications that cost you only 40 cents per application thus very affordable and gives best results better than the use of eyebrows pencils. Cost-effective Mina eyebrow tint is hassle-free tinting that cuts daily efforts of using makeup pencils. Natural Henna based Mina tint also has the goodness of Jojoba oil and Aloevera that helps mina lasts longer and gives an amazing fuller, thicker defined brow looks that anybody desired to have.



Now get you to tint in the desired shape.Mina Eyebrow Grooming Stencils kit has three amazing eye brow shape stencils help you get your tint done with definite shape and perfect finish.Mina Eyebrow Stencils are smooth and easy to use that get easily stick to your forehead and make your tint application easy and appropriate with a definite arch and shape. Help to draw fashionable, symmetrical and natural eyebrows.Mina Eyebrow Grooming Stencils are used by professionals worldwide meanwhile these are good for beginners or personal use for the self-tinting session.

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  • In winter, this tint is useful for me?

    Yes, this works in all season.

  • I am a swimmer, Can this tint works for me? Means it is waterproof?

    Yes, it's water-proof.

  • I am allergic to ammonia, Is it ammonia-free?

    Yes, it's ammonia-free.

  • How long the tint effects last?

    It lasts up to 6 weeks and hair and 7 days on the skin.

  • I am a swimmer, Can I swim with tint on? Is the tint water-proof?

    Yes, it's water proof.

  • Will these stencils stick to the skin?

    No, it doesn't stick.

  • Is this tint to dye eyebrow hair Or to tint the skin of your brow to make it look fuller?

    It's for both, on eyebrow hair it stays up to 6 weeks and on the skin it stays up to 7 days.

  • I have a thin, patchy brow. Will it help to fill-in? How long it lasts?

    Yes, it will fill in. It lasts upto 6 weeks in hair and upto 7 days on skin.