College Kit - Eyebrow Nourishing Oil - Brush -Combo

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The combo is completely accessorized for professionals at their learning stages of brow artistry. It includes the Mina College Kit,an Applicator Brush and Mina Brow Nourishing Oil. The College Kit enables an advanced yet economical training for the learners. While Mina’s angled tinting brush helps you to give your sparse eyebrows that perfect shape. Mina Nourishing Oil gives the final, smooth touch-up to your tinted eyebrows making them shine and glow.

Henna College Kit

Mina’s Henna College Kit was crafted on demand specifically for the trainees who were at their beginning stages of professional brow artistry courses.Whether you want to learnhow to darkenthe brows for that stunning look or create that bold, light eyebrowsetfor your special client,the College Kithas it all. The fully accessorized kit incorporates five shades (black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown and blonde)—two pouches of each shade that can colour up to 20 brow sets withan overall application of up to 100 brows, onepre-tint 30 ml brow cleanser and a post-tint 10ml brow nourishing oil.

Mina Eyebrow Tinting Brush

Mina Eyebrow Tinting Brush is a professional brush that renders a smooth tinting experience. The angled brush adds accuracy and helps in defining a more precise eyebrow shape.It helps fill in the henna properly without any spills and stains. The brush eases the work of professionals and enables a perfect finish.

Mina Nourishing Oil

Mina Nourishing Oil is an organicoil that is formulated with a mix of five botanical oils, namely—Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Rosemary Oil and Germanium Oil. It adds shine to the tinted eyebrows when used as a post-tint treatment. The eyebrow nourishing oil also booststhe growth of natural eyebrows.If used routinely it won’t just add natural shine to your brows, but also increase its thickness.

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