Dark Brown Brow Henna - Brow Shampoo + Brow Nourishing Oil Combo

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Are you suffering from sparse, patchy, thin or no eyebrows? Worry not. Mina has come up with a perfect herbal combo solution that gives you thicker, fuller, glossier and stunning eyebrows. Mina’s Dark Brown Eyebrow Henna tint is a henna based tint that is extra-safe as it is free of ammonia and lead. Mina Eyebrow Henna Tint stays for up to 6 weeks on the eyebrows and for up to a week on the skin below the eyebrows. Mina Nourishing Oil is a remarkable addition to this combo that makes the tint appear more glossy and beautiful. The oil, being organic, also adds natural volume and length to the brows. Mina Shampoo, the third item in the combo, helps in the pre and post cleansing of the eyebrows for a great tinting experience. The Shampoo removes the dirt particles and makeup from the skin below the eyebrows and helps the tint to settle in for a better, longer effect. Mina eyebrow henna tint combo gives instant yet long-lasting results, while promoting the natural growth of eyebrows.

Dark Brown

Mina ibrow Henna Dark Brown serves as a perfect eyebrow extension and covers the greys on eyebrows with persisting effects. It provides a semi-permanent colouration without the harmful effects of Ammonia and Lead. The waterproof and smudge-proof qualities of the dark brown eyebrow henna tint allow it to last for up to 6 weeks. Its appealing spot colouring tattoo-like effect on the skin makes it last for up to a week on the skin below the eyebrows. The pack allows for up to 30 applications. The tint contains henna, aloe vera and jojoba oil, which make it extra-safe and gentle.

Mina Nourishing Oil

Mina Nourishing Oil provides for the growth and conditioning of eyebrows. The oil is a fusion of 5 rich botanical oils, which are Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Rosemary Oil and Germanium Oil. These five oils synergistically strengthen and lengthen the eyebrows. They also make the hair appearsmooth, shiny and lustrous, while adding bliss to your tinting experience. The oil softens the eyebrows. It also nourishes the deep follicles making the eyebrows naturally broad, thick and shiny. 

Mina Shampoo

Mina Shampoo has been added in the dark brown eyebrow henna tint combo for washing off the dirt from the skin and hair follicles of the eyebrows. The deep cleansing provided by the shampoo allows Mina Eyebrow Henna tint to settle down deep, thereby, extending the stability of the tint with a rich vibrancy. The shampoo is a natural cleanser made up ofsuper-rich ingredients -- Aloe Vera, Organic Henna, Amla, Himalayan Spring Water, Fresh Lemon Oil, Fenugreek, Soy Protein and Honey. Beinggentle and super nourishing,it does not dry out the skin after the wash.

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