Light Brown Henna - Eyebrow Tinting Brush - Eyebrow Nourishing Oil Combo

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Light Brown Small kit

Affordable premium quality Tint for defined, sharp filled brows for perfect brow looks. Mina ibrow Light Brown Henna Tint is a well suited bright shade to even the resemblance of brows. Mina Tint has no ammonia, no lead, infuses with the goodness of aloe vera and jojoba oil. Mina ibrow Henna Tint is long-lasting and gives the most natural impacts which make the use of mina tint better than the use of eyebrow pencils. A tint is a hassle-free solution helps cut your daily efforts of using brow pencils and natural henna based mina tint lasts for 4-6 weeks. Mina tint pack is an economical tint pack enough for the applications for up to 30 brow sets that cost you only 40 cents per application.


Tinting Brush

Perfectly Angled Mina Eyebrow Tinting Brush gives you the experience of hassle-free tinting. High-quality brush with soft& thick bristles for smooth & easy tint application. Mina tint angled brush gives you the perfect edge tint finish to the eyebrows gives you a hassle-free smoother experience. It helps to give proper color to your eyebrows. It helps to fill in patchy bald brows and define brows with an accurate shape and perfect finish.


Nourishing Oil (30 ml)

Mina Nourishing Oil to condition & nourishment of brow hair infuses with the betterment of Fresh Almond oil, Castor oil, Almond oil, Rosemary oil, and Geranium oil contributes to give deep and beautiful nourishment to the brows promoting brow’s length & growth. Most natural oil for the eyebrow wellness and nourishment it requires. This Brow Nourishing Oil conditions & thickens the brows making your natural brows fuller & thicker meanwhile beautiful & healthy. Apply brow nourishing oil every day for better results and being natural, it is safe for all skin types and free of any side effects. Nourishing oil when used after tint application helps preserve tint for a long time. It also works for natural makeup removal. The bottle has a dropper which makes the oil application smoother and easy. Mina Nourishing Oil is widely used by professionals.



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  • Is this brush reusable?


  • Does tint contain ammonia?


  • Can it be used on white eyebrow hair? Will it cover them?

    Yes, it is .

  • Eyebrow Nourishing Oil Combo: Whats’s the purpose of the oil and when it will be used in the tinting process?

    This oil fixes the colour and gives shine and softness to the eyebrow with regular use.

  • Can I get the shade over Blonde eyebrows?

    Henna is a natural ingredient and only deposit the color. It can darken.

  • Does it have better impacts than eyebrow pencils?

    Yes, it is much better than eyebrow pencils.

    Enjoy the freedom. No daily struggle for a perfect set of brows anymore.  Apply Mina Ibrow Henna tint once and enjoy its effect for up to 6 weeks. Save on your precious time and wasted energy, every day.

  • Is the Nourishing oil natural or has any chemical in it?

    It's natural.

  • How long the tint effects last?

    It lasts up to 6 weeks on hair and 7 days on skin.

  • Is tint waterproof? Can we take it with tint on?

    Yes, it's water-proof.

  • What’s this brush made of?

    Nylon bristles for its longivity. Optimum size for using on brows

  • Can we use the oil on the tinted brows? Will, it helps promotes naturally thick brows even on tinted eyebrows?

    Yes. You can use it on tinted brows and It helps to make your brows thicker.