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Light Brown

Mina ibrow Light Brown Henna Tint perfect for those who have lighter skin tones or may have a wheatish complexion. It is natural henna based tint formulated with no ammonia, no lead, and blends with jojoba oil and aloe vera provide beautiful thick & long brows covering all patches & grey hair. The tint gives you a hassle-free experience, cutting your daily efforts of using brow pencils and gives the experience of the smooth application.  Mina tint pack is enough for the applicationsof upto 30 brow set and its economical price costs youonly 40 cents per application that is cheaper than the use of eyebrow pencils and gives better impacts. This ammonia-free tint doesn’t lighten but darkens your natural brows for amazing looks. Most affordable premium quality tint kit available with all the necessitates of tinting in the pack.

Medium Brown Tint

Mina ibrow Medium Brown Henna is the best natural-looking shade for eyebrows perfect for those who want their brows neither too dark nor too light. It is a perfect tint shade for perfect brows.Mina ibrow henna tint gives an amazing tattoo effect on covers all bald, patchy brow area that too stays long even is waterproof and swimming proof. Mina tint is available at economical prices, enough for up to 30 applications.It is a semi-permanent tint that cuts your daily hassle of using brow pencils with its beautiful and long-lasting impacts.The most affordable tint kit enough for 25 to30 brow applications thus costs only 40 cents per application and pack contains all tinting essentials inside the box.

Dark Brown

Mina tint Dark Brown Tint gives much darker and far better impacts than a temporary eyebrow pencil looks and lasts long for 4-6 weeks. Mina tint assembles of jojoba oil, Aloe vera and has no ammonia and no lead thus safe to use. It gives amazing tattoo effects and available at affordable prices and contains all tinting essentials in the pack including ibrow Henna Powder, measuring cup, spatula, bottle for leftover and instruction leaflet. Mina ibrow Henna is a natural henna based tint that gives your brows thicker, fuller looks just in 15-20 minutes and stays long.Mina tint pack is enough for 25 to 30 brow sets applications.

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Ask a Question
  • What to use to remove the stains?

    Use Mina Stain Remover

  • After the tinting process, how long should I wait for the face wash?

    You can wash face after , wash off henna.

  • What to apply to avoid stains while tinting?

    You can use Stain Remover for this.

  • How long it should be kept on eyebrows for the colour?

    15 to 20 minutes.

  • Can I use dark brown shade over light brown eyebrows?

    Henna is a natural ingredient and only deposit the color. It can darken.

  • Will these tints give the accurate shade?


  • Are these waterproof?

    Yes, it's waterproof.

  • I am fed up of using eyebrow pencil daily. Can I use this tint instead of that?

    Yes, Apply Mina Ibrow Henna tint once and enjoy its effect for up to 6 weeks.

  • How many applications in a pack?

    1 pack is enough for up to 30 applications.

  • How long the colour stays?

    Up to 6 weeks on hairs.
    Up-to 7 days on skin.

  • Are these ammonia-free tints? If I want to take a patch test, where should I take it?

    Yes, these are ammonia free.