Mina Eyebrow Grooming Stencils Kit

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  • Easily to detect the eyebrows up and down position,length,size,convenient .
  • How to use:after cleansing forehead, then stick it on forehead to assist drawing balance and perfect eyebrows. When finish drawing, it can be simply peel off.
  • It can be more accurate to use for beginners.
  • Disposable and easy to use.

    Product description

    Features:- Put ruler on the face, quickly and accurately detect the position of the eyebrows up and down, the length, size, and height and so is symmetrical. Effective in shaping and measuring brows. Help to draw fashionable, symmetrical and natural eyebrows. Perfect for both professional Tattoos Stylists and painting eyebrow beginners. Specification: Item Type: Eyebrow Ruler Sticker Material: Plastic Color: Shown as pictures

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  • Only for professionals or also for personal use?

    You cand also do it yourself.

    Just follow these steps.


  • Can we use it with the eyebrow pencil also or only with tint?

    You can use.

  • Are these flexible so that they "mold" to the shape or your face?


  • Are these reusable?


  • Do I need to first mark the outline of stencils with pencil then fill them with tint?

    You can fill directly.