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Rose Water Fixing Solution activates the Mina Henna with an advanced formula based on ancient traditions. Using Potent. Rose extracts, the solution prolongs the Henna results offering a hydrating and anti-inflammatory effect.

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  • Will it prolong the henna effects?


  • How can I remove the stains of the tint from the face?

    You can use Stain Remover

  • Do we need to have plain water also or only rose water is enough to prepare a paste? can use plain water

  • Does it extend the stability of eyebrow tint?

    yes, it helps.

  • Do I have to use Rose water to mix the henna or I can use regular water too?

    You can use rose water or RO water.

  • It is applicable only for eyebrow area?


  • Along with this, is it also required to add water to the henna paste?

    You can use rose water.

  • Is the rose water used to mix the henna powder before applying on the eyebrow?

    Yes, you can use it.

  • It is only for tint or can be used on the face?

    Only for the eyebrow area.

  • Can we apply on the other area accept eye?

    Only for the eyebrow area.

  • How much quantity needs to be used with 1- 2 spoon of mina tint?

    Few Drops.

  • Only for the eyebrow area?


  • Can it be used to clean eyebrow makeup?

    Yes.. It's very effective.

  • How often do I need to use it?

    Every time When you use IBrow Henna.

  • Only for the eyebrow area?

    Yes and be mixed with brow henna.

  • How do i use the rose water?

    Use with Mina ibrow henna.