Eyebrow Threading 101: The Simplest & Easiest Tutorial

Eyebrow Threading 101: The Simplest & Easiest Tutorial

Eyebrow threading is a great way to shape your eyebrows without harsh chemicals.  Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that originated in India and Iran. It's been done for more than two thousand years and has recently become popular in the U.S. Threading is a lot easier to do than you might think, and the results are near-perfect every time. It can usually be done in less than 10 minutes and is a great alternative to waxing.

I’ve been getting my eyebrows threaded for years, and I’ve never been disappointed with Mina Eyebrow Thread by IBrow Henna. But I know that not everyone is familiar with the technique. Also, there’s a lot of misinformation online about the process. That’s why I have put together this simple, easy eyebrow threading tutorial for beginners. 

What is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrows are the skin on your face that develops naturally from your facial contours and your underlying bone structure. That’s why they come in all shapes and sizes. At some point, I saw one of my friends doing eyebrow threading using Mina Eyebrow Thread, and I knew right away that this was an important part of my beauty routine. 

Eyebrow threading is a technique where a fine fiber is used to remove the unwanted hair. It sounds pretty complicated, but it’s really not. The process helps in defining the eyebrows better. So, why bother with threading? It removes the unwanted hair without the trauma of waxing or laser hair removal.

Why is Eyebrow Threading Necessary for You? 

Eyebrow Threading helps to shape your eyebrows, lift them and glorify them. For me, the difference in shape is almost imperceptible. However, a huge difference in shape can make all the difference in your overall look. My brows look fuller, longer, and thicker, which makes me feel better. 

Another reason to thread your eyebrows is because it helps to maintain the shape of your eyebrows. If you don’t thread your eyebrows, you can get a false impression that your brows are too short or uneven, and then you’ll start plucking them.

How to do Eyebrow Threading at Home?

This tutorial is a straightforward one-woman show. The only tools you’ll need are a box of Mina Eyebrow Threads (be sure to buy from a reliable supplier, as you’ll get consistent quality from this brand), a pair of eyebrow scissors, an eyebrow brush and an eyebrow pencil.

  1. Prepare the Threads

To make the perfect loop knot, measure about 20 inches of thread and tie a knot on one end. Tie another knot on the other end to make a loop. Repeat this at least three times to strengthen the knots and create a durable loop.

  1. Test the Loop of Thread

To check the strength of the thread, hold both ends with two hands and stretch it. You may also run your fingers through it to experience how it feels.

  1. Make an ‘X’

Threading a needle can be tricky. You might find it easier to learn if you first hold the thread in your dominant hand. To make an X, turn the thread over and twist it. Practice maneuvering the Mina Eyebrow Thread to get a good hold of it.

  1. Prepare your Eyebrows

Make sure you prepare your eyebrows first by using an eyebrow pencil to mark or draw the shape you desire. Start drawing from the center towards the outside.

  1. Start Threading your Eyebrows

Now that you have practiced and are feeling confident, you can begin threading your eyebrows. Place the twisted part of the loop over the part of the eyebrow you want to thread. Locate the hair that needs to be removed and position the twist of the loop against that hair. Also, place the twist of the loop against the direction of hair growth in order to prevent ingrown hairs from developing in your brows.

Now, twist the thread into a ball while controlling and pulling it against the hair strands you would like to remove. As you pull at the ball while running against the hair strands, the corners of the twist will pick them up and remove them. Gently slide through your skin while avoiding tugging at the ball too roughly to avoid any irritation.

  1. Trim Eyebrows with Scissors

Repeat the process with any areas in your eyebrows you want to be cleared. For beginners, you can start slow but soon you’ll get used to it. Once you’re done threading all the unwanted eyebrow hair, trim the eyebrows with small scissors to achieve a more defined shape. You can also use an eyebrow brush to sweep the hair so you know the direction of the hair growth.


Eyebrow Threading is a great alternative to waxing for those who prefer an easier and less painful method to shape their brows. If you want to take your eyebrows to the next level, this is the perfect way to go. I really like the technique because it is so simple and quick. It’s much easier than waxing, and it’s even less painful. The only product I would ever recommend to someone for threading is the Mina Eyebrow Thread, my favorite product! 

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