Mina IBrow Henna — how to use mina henna

How to Use Natural Eyebrow Tints Correctly at Home

Even if in the current situation you're stuck at home, don't give up on the look that you always dreamt of—that fuller, darker looking eyebrows you always wanted. Yes! Dyeing one’s own brows looks difficult but it's actually quite easy to do at home, especially if you're bored of picking up a brow pencil every morning, every single day. You can go for the cheaper, easier alternative—eyebrow henna tinting. It’s also much less time consuming.  Start with finding a natural formula for henna eyebrows that has good-for-you natural ingredients with simple instructions. As we all know the color and shape...

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How to Safely Tint your Eyebrows with Henna

You can safely tint your eyebrows by using the all-natural henna tint. Henna is one of the most common herbs that has been in use since ages for hair and skin colouring. It is not just a natural and safer alternative to chemical-based hair colours, but it also makes the tinting experience pleasurable. Henna also balances the harshness of chemicals if used in combination with them. That’s why henna tint is the smartest choice for hair colouration. However, a word of caution - those interested in experiencing the all-natural tinting for the first time, must endeavour to pick the right...

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