How to Safely Tint your Eyebrows with Henna

How to Safely Tint your Eyebrows with Henna

You can safely tint your eyebrows by using the all-natural henna tint. Henna is one of the most common herbs that has been in use since ages for hair and skin colouring. It is not just a natural and safer alternative to chemical-based hair colours, but it also makes the tinting experience pleasurable. Henna also balances the harshness of chemicals if used in combination with them. That’s why henna tint is the smartest choice for hair colouration.

However, a word of caution - those interested in experiencing the all-natural tinting for the first time, must endeavour to pick the right brands. As only a very few business houses in the world today are producing ammonia-free, henna-based tints that are extra-safe for use.

Harmful Effects of Chemical-Based Tints

Most hair tints currently being sold around the world with the promises of longer and darker colouration are harmful chemical-based tints. They use harmful chemicals like Ammonia and Lead to artificially heighten the effects of their products, which captivates their customers in the short run. However, they never reveal the ill effects of their products. The ammonia in such tints causes skin burns, irritation. Ammonia also leaves a pungent smell on the hair and the skin. Lead causes severe health issues and is extremely harmful if ingested over the long run, even through the skin. 


Benefits of Henna Tint

Henna based tints are the safest and gentlest on the skin. They cover up the greys smoothly as well. Henna tints make the eyebrows look denser and heavier while promoting their natural growth. Henna tints are also much more economical than the chemical-based tints. Mina ibrow Henna is the most renowned brand in this product category that renders natural, organic tints along with the added wholesomeness of Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil. Free of Ammonia and Lead, the tint beautifully covers the sparse, patchy eyebrows. The best part is, it also leaves a tattoo-like effect on the skins of those with ‘no eyebrows’. The skin-friendly tint renders the widest range of hues on the eyebrows for spectacular results, the darkest tint being offered by the Black Henna Tinting Kit.


Tint vs Eyebrow Pencils

In today’s world of “hassle and hurry”, putting on daily makeup becomes a huge botheration. Particularly for those who usually have a lot in their hands. The most-often seen eyebrow pencil, thus becomes quite out-of-place if you think about it. 

Would you prefer to do your eyebrows only during weekends or during the evenings, that too once every 6 weeks? 

Mina henna tint lasts for up to 6 weeks on the eyebrows, much longer than that of the one-day eyebrow pencil. It also offers a great colouring experience with its fresh-on-the-skin effect that it leaves after. Mina henna tint costs approx. 40 cents per application, which is way cheaper than the expensive eyebrow pencil. Henna tints are also waterproof, smudge-proof and sweat-proof.


How to make your tinting experience with Mina ibrow Henna more pleasurable

To enjoy a great tinting experience with Mina IBrow Henna, you must use the following products in tandem with the tinting powder: 

  • Shampoo before tinting: Cleansing your eyebrows with shampoo before tinting, to remove all dirt and makeup residues from the skin deep is a must to start with. This helps the tint to settle in deep making it last long.
  • Nourishing oil after tinting:Using the oil after completing the brow tinting will nourish your skin from within, thus promoting natural eyebrow growth.
  • Using a good stain remover:Cleanse the stains off the skin from around the eyebrows after tinting to get a clean, sharp tint.
  • Microblading eyebrow rulers/ stencils:This one is for the professionals who would like to outline the shape and size of eyebrows they are tinting for a sharper, cooler finish.  

How to pick a shade

  1. Always pick a shade that is lighter than the actual shade you want, because henna tints often give darker results than described.
  2. Henna tints can never lighten your original eyebrow colours due to the absence of harmful bleach. Henna only darkens. Thus, the lighter shades of Mina Henna cannot colour over the darker natural shades of your eyebrows.
  3. If you are still confused, then go with your hair colour or your skin tone. Pick a shade that is similar to the colour of your hair. 


The must-dos  

  • Pre and post-cleanse your face to avoid uneven tinting
  • Apply petroleum jelly around the eyebrows before tinting – this will protect your skin from stains
  • Always protect your eyes from the tint spilling in
  • Outline the shape of your brow before filling in the tint 


The must-avoids 

  • Do not leave the dye/tint for too long
  • If you have sensitive skin, do not skip the patch test
  • If you feel any irritation or burning sensation, do not continue to tint. Wash it off immediately and consult a dermatologist

Tints are not for the kids.

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