Henna Brows - What Is It

Henna Brows - What Is It | How To Apply | Benefits

Henna brows are the trending story of the brow world in the current scenario but if you really wish to know what they really are, here’s your guide.

Henna Brows are the answer to your sparse brows as they fill in the brows for a thicker, fuller, and more brow-tastic look. Lasting up to six weeks, they color the skin under your brows for four to six days and your brow hair for up to six weeks. As it is a natural alternative to chemical brow tinting, henna brows are an impeccably perfect blend to your wholesome look.

Henna has been used as a mark of prosperity among women for centuries, especially for body art, and hair dye. Henna brows, which are carefully made to create a cool color tone that is ideal for eyebrows, are not the typical red that most people identify with henna.

They come in a variety of shades, namely black, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, copper brown, golden brown, blonde, burgundy, ash blonde, grey brown, graphite, and pearl grey.

You can also mend the shape of your brows as per the desired look that makes you your own brow boss.

How To Apply Henna For Brows?

Step 1: Set up the henna eyebrow dye from the henna eyebrows kit so that it has time to sit and develop. To create a smooth brow henna paste from the henna eyebrows kit with a consistency akin to honey, use one measuring spoon of the henna powder (25g) with approximately 15–20 drops of Mina Rose Water or ordinary water. Give it five minutes before using it.

Step 2: To prepare the skin for henna application, wash it with Mina Brow Shampoo and scrub it with Mina Brow Scrub. Cleaning the brows and removing skin oils prepare them for a more durable brow pigment. Utilizing Mina Pre-Inked Charcoal Mapping Thread or Mina Brow Paste to map the eyebrows.

Step 3: Using a Mina Brow Brush, cover the designated areas with the henna paste. Henna eyebrow dye should be used to provide color for eyebrows that look natural. working from the brow's beginning to its end. Be sure your lines are clear.

Step 4: Lastly, after 15 to 20 minutes, either wash the henna eyebrow dye off or clean it with Mina Brow Cleanser. The skin will absorb the color more readily for up to 6 days, and the effect will remain longer for up to 6 weeks. To get a darker shade, reapply.

Step 5: Apply Mina Nourishing Oil as aftercare for long-lasting henna eyebrow color.

Why Should One Use Henna For Brows?

  1. An all-natural alternative to chemical coloring techniques for eyebrows is henna tinting

  2. The natural, vegan color used in henna eyebrow tint is derived from the henna tree. It doesn't include lead or ammonia, and it doesn't require chemicals to be used in its application.
    Because of this, Mina Ibrow, is the perfect beauty product for those with sensitive skin and those who are concerned about the product's country of origin. Henna originates in India, the home of henna.

  3. It may last for six weeks

  4. The hair can be colored with henna for up to six weeks. Wow, huh? That's roughly twice as long as a typical brow tint.
    In contrast to conventional brow tints, the color stays on the skin for up to two weeks (depending on skin type).

  5. It thickens the sparse brows

  6. Henna eyebrow color works wonders in creating the appearance of depth and fullness by filling in any brow gaps. Additionally, it beautifully hides grey hair!
    Nevertheless, the procedure is quick. In contrast to the traditional henna used for body decorations, which must be kept on the body for an hour or longer, henna tinting for eyebrows only takes approximately 20 minutes to finish.

  7. A hassle-free best buddy for brows every day

  8. Now is past the time for brow pencils! Henna tint for eyebrows is your indispensable best friend because maintaining the ideal shape and appearance of your brows on a daily basis may be incredibly time-consuming.
    You can breathe a sigh of relief for up to 6 weeks after getting brow henna, which will free you from the daily hustling with your brow pencil. Stay beautiful for up to six weeks with just 20 minutes on the weekend.

  9. Maintains the brows' health!

Contrary to traditional chemical-based tints that dry out or harm eyebrows, henna brows coat the hair, locking in moisture to keep it healthy and hydrated, keeping hair nourished and frequently boosting hair development.

Choose Mina Ibrow Henna Brow Kit as the ideal substitute for eyebrow tinting kit and decide to flaunt your most beautiful, fuller-looking brows with the indigenous Indian henna.

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