How to get the best set of eyebrows?

How to get the best set of eyebrows?

Natural and beautiful looking eyebrows are one of the hottest and all-time beauty trends. We have come up with this amazing and useful guide on how to make your eyebrows look absolutely gorgeous at home with minimal grooming with henna brow tinting without spending even a penny on salons and makeup artists.

But, before you start...

First analyze if your natural brows are thick enough, or not? If you discover that your natural eyebrows don't meet the ongoing fashion trend requirements for thickness, you can also work on growing thicker and fuller eyebrows. Regular care before going to bed can help you achieve your brow goals easily. Try massaging your eyebrows for 5-7 minutes every night before going to bed using a good hair growth oil. A healthy diet would also play a major role in helping you grow thicker eyebrows. Soy, nuts and raisins can work like magic in this direction. Their regular intake with regular oil massage will strengthen your hair follicles and stimulate rapid eyebrow hair growth. And lastly, use henna brow tinting to draw up those bold brows you always wanted to match the latest brow fashion trends. Use Mina iBrow Henna Tint as it has all-natural ingredients with no ammonia and no lead. It also gives quick results that last from 4 to 6 weeks.

How to find that perfect eyebrow shape that complements your face:

Round Face: The most important tip—avoid round shaped brows as they will make your face look featureless and very round. Try creating as high an arch with henna brow tinting as you can. Go with henna brow shapes that follow a straight line to the peak of your brows.

Square Face: Consider a hard-angled with curved brow shape. Avoid thin and short henna brow shapes.

Heart Shaped Face: Stick with the low arches and rounded henna brow shapes, as they will create a more natural look with this shape. Such shapes will end up adding length to your shorter heart-shaped face.

Oval Face: Choose a soft-angled and flat henna eyebrow shape. Your henna brows should go straight up, and then gently make a curve around at the top.

How to fill in henna eyebrows:

Now let's get to the most difficult and probably the most interesting part of the whole thing—how to tint your henna eyebrows so that they look thicker and more natural. If you consider natural brows to be lighter than your hair color, you can try eyebrow tinting using a special and natural eyebrow tint dye.

PRO TIP: Choose an eyebrow tint keeping in mind that the color of your eyebrows should be very close to the tone of your natural hair. If you choose tinting eyebrows with a colour that is a few tones darker than your natural hair, your eyebrows will look unnaturally bold, which will not resolve your beauty purposes.

The basic steps for tinting eyebrows remain almost the same no matter which filling instrument or tint you’re using:

  1. Use a soft eyebrow brush to lightly brush and groom your brow hair. Line the bottom curve of your brows to fill in the hairless spots with mina henna tint.
  2. Draw the ends of your henna brows if needed, and outline the top and bottom edges of your henna brow. Be careful with the outlines of your natural brow shape; don't apply too much color within the brow margins.


Apart from eyebrow tinting, if you want the perfect brow shape to look more well-defined and bold, try to highlight the portion of skin between your eyelids and eyebrow. To do this, apply a few drops of your favorite concealer and blend thoroughly, then apply some best-suited highlighter under the eyebrow, and you're good to go!

In case you have more queries to ask, just leave your comments below and our henna eyebrow tinting expert will get in touch with you. Till then!

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