How to Maintain Perfect Brows: A Blog that Talks about the Best Ways to Maintain Thick, Beautiful Brows

How to Maintain Perfect Brows: A Blog that Talks about the Best Ways to Maintain Thick, Beautiful Brows
Restoring botched-up brows can be an extensive pain in the arch. So we researched how to reshape eyebrows and get the shapeliest, fullest, best results. Some of us love the bushiest, while others want those lean and super clean brows. But without studious grooming, any brow shape can go astray.
Whatever brow problems you are facing—whether you've over-tweezed them and want fuller, bold brows, or you've let your brows grow out a little more than usual, there are solutions to everything. Slight patience is required to bring back any out-of-place brow to track.
  1. Fill in those eyebrow gaps like an expert
If your brows are in perfect shape, you can pick up your henna eyebrow dye and start filling in those holes. If you're coloring out more than just a few sparse patches, you can pick up mina henna eyebrow dye, which is also the safest brow dye. Paint on the eyebrow shape you always desired. Choose a color that is one to two shades lighter than your natural brow hair. Use a short brush that has perfect angles to stroke in the direction of your eyebrow hair growth, but make sure to stay within your natural brow line while brow tinting.
  1. Promote eyebrow growth by taking hair growth supplements and conditioning at night
A brow conditioner or mina eyebrow nourishing oil for henna brows will help speed up your hair growth process, strengthen, and would also help prevent unnecessary breakage and loss. Using a brow conditioner will surely help you stand out if there are no stray hair attracting attention and disturbing the perfect shape you have drawn.
  1. Set your eyebrows in place
After you have tinted your eyebrows with henna, you can be rest assured that your tint will remain in place for at least a month. However, to still ensure that your henna eyebrows remain all-day perfect, just use a brow comb or a spoolie to comb your eyebrow in place and then apply a brow gel to set them. You can also use hairspray rather than using a brow gel to set your eyebrows. Just spring your hairspray on a cotton bud and apply it gently on your eyebrow from one point to the other end to settle it down completely. Another option is to use any petroleum jelly to perfectly set your brows in place.
Words of caution: Never trim your eyebrow hair with scissors
  1. You may have many times seen your professional stylist trim or cut your brows with scissors to create that perfect face frame look, but this is really hard and risky to do at home. Trimming or cutting the brows can be tricky as you may end up drastically changing its shape, and your face structure. So, it’s always better to leave the trimming or cutting part with scissors to your brow stylist.
  2. Make sure that the end tail of your henna eyebrow is equal on both sides and should be droopy. Extend your brows but in the face-down direction. Your eyebrows should look natural on your face.
We always recommend you to try and test different steps to condition and maintain henna eyebrows, and once you find the perfect ones fill in and condition your brows regularly.
Do feel free to share your views, opinions and experiences with our beauty experts through your comments below. We always love to read from our lovely readers.

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