How to Maintain Perfect Brows: The Best Ways to Maintain Thick, Beautiful Brows

How to Maintain Perfect Brows: The Best Ways to Maintain Thick, Beautiful Brows
How do you feel when you have perfectly groomed brows?
When your eyebrows are perfectly and freshly groomed an incredible transformation happens: Your smile gets bigger and better with perfectly groomed Henna brows. You stand a little taller and confident. Did you ever groom your brows and experience that a single part of your beauty look holds enough power to make or break your day? You will be shocked to know all it takes are a few pocket-friendly magical products and a little bit of eyebrow grooming knowledge.
Want to know how to maintain your brows to get that perfect look?
Below, we tapped a few pro tips for eyebrow grooming!
    1. Tweeze Carefully
The first step towards eyebrow grooming is tweezing, never pluck your brows naked, decide the shape of the eyebrow, and then fill in your brows accordingly. Then pluck all the strays that you find below or above the shape. Gently start with the arc tweezing moving towards the top and then the lower, removing all the hair and making eyebrows even. Apply cream or gel-based moisturizer to soothe the skin.
  1. Brush your brow in Place
The Second Step for eyebrow grooming after you have removed all the extra strays is brushing your eyebrows. When you wake up in the morning, or before you step out for your work, take a spoolie or any thin-tooth soft comb and start to brush your eyebrows into place. You can also use a little hairspray or hair gel on your brows to keep them intact for a longer duration of time.
    3. Keep the Brow Area Healthy
The third step towards eyebrow grooming is the application of SPF and exfoliation; these are tried and tested processes in keeping your skin clean, clear, and protected from head to toe. Then comes the eyebrow hair grooming routine. It's very similar to the routine you follow for the hair on the head. The area around the eye is very sensitive so use an eye-specific cream, and gently tap and massage it all across the brow bone to hydrate and stimulate the area. 
  1. Conceal Overgrowth
The fourth step towards eyebrow grooming is performed while you apply your makeup. Groomed and bold Eyebrow gives that perfect look to your makeup. The very first thought might be that just applying foundation or concealer over the brow area will do wonders, but the brow bone altogether is a slightly different makeup game plan. “It’s very much essential to use a good quality primer before any other application to smoothen the skin area for further applications. In the end, use a highlighter on your brow bone. It gives an edge and enhances your makeup look.
  1. Fill Them in With the Right Products
This last step in the eyebrow grooming ritual can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Enhance your brow shape by making it last for months by using Mina henna eyebrow tints. It’s so easy that even a novice can color her eyebrows at home without any supervision. This organic and natural brow color is created in a way that ensures effortless and smooth application. Choose the right color for your brows, to get a really natural look.
Would you like to hear a Few Interesting Facts about Eyebrows?
  1. The eyebrow hair has an average lifespan of approximately four months. Eyebrow hair is the slowest growing hair on the human body. Even if you follow the entire eyebrow grooming steps mentioned above still it would not affect the growth of eyebrows but will surely keep your brows healthy.
  1. In ancient times, Eyebrows were groomed according to different cultures and races. Every culture had its own unique way of grooming its eyebrows.
  1. Facial grooming is a very ancient method and eyebrows played a very crucial part in defining your eyebrows so when you decide to follow eyebrow grooming you are actually following and taking part in an ancient method of facial grooming.
Do share with us your eyebrow grooming routine in the comment section below
Till then, Happy Eyebrow Grooming!

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